Prototyping: Why You Should Start Designing Websites in the Browser

One of the biggest challenges in web design is confronting the immense and constantly growing universe of device screen sizes (here are 286 common ones). Responsive web design helps us create websites that work on all screen sizes, but you still have to think carefully about layout and aesthetic design to ensure that functionality and […]

Don’t Let Your Website Go Stale: Invest in a Progressive Redesign

We’ve all seen them: websites that are about as fresh as last week’s leftovers. While they might still be functional, these sites have deep, underlying issues that are hard to ignore – poorly organized and stale content, older logos or fonts, design trends past their prime, and features that are no longer useful. The fact is, […]

Strategies for Mobile Applications and Sitecore Part 1

Recently Velir had the opportunity to build Mobile Applications for one of our very prominent clients. One of the challenges was an interest in supporting iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. Our content is stored in Sitecore, so we wanted to retain this as the single source of content. Our goal was to build a single […]

Boston Green: Building an Award Winning App in a Weekend

The Boston Globe issued a challenge to over 150 developers a few short weeks ago: Build an application in 48 hours to make the city of Boston a better place. Jon Herman and I heeded this call and teamed up with a group of talented GIS specialists and developers to build Boston Green, a mobile optimized web application that helps you find open spaces in Boston.

In the end, our team was honored with the Boston Hack Day grand prize! Read on to find out how we went from concept to award-winning implementation in only a weekend.

Powering the Mobile Web with Sitecore

Virtually every project that comes through our door at Velir includes a mobile component; a mobile optimized site, a native app, or considerations for new mobile channels (iPad, Kindle, etc.). We recently worked on a project for the Brookings Institution, recognized by Sitecore as an Outstanding Solution, in which we were challenged to:

Native Blackberry Development: Lessons Learned Part 1

Over the past year, Velir has been diving into the world of native Blackberry applications. As with native iPhone and Android development, Blackberry development carries its own set of unique challenges. Today, I’m sharing our experience to provide the developer community with lessons learned and best practice guidance for Blackberry app development.

Android: Creating a “Snapping” Horizontal Scroll View

This type of view is fairly common in the mobile world, but doesn’t come out of the box with the Android SDK. Think of the home screen(s) on an Android device. You can slide between each home screen and when you lift your finger, it “snaps” to the most appropriate screen. This is fairly simple to build yourself using the existing HorizontalScrollView (or regular ScrollView for vertical scrolling) and adding some code on top of it to handle snapping to each screen. In this post, I’ll show you how I implemented this view for a rotating article feature.