True impact starts with getting your desired audiences on board with your cause. 
And this happens when you provide them with right information in the right context to help them comprehend and relate to your message enough to be inspired to engage and take action.

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Congress recently proposed changes to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and a host of healthcare, medical, and patient advocacy groups including your organization have spoken out about this issue. With the current pace of change in Washington, a multi-channel approach is critical for creating the impact you envision.

communicating impact through data

Engagement begins with content that is concise and easy to understand.
Interactive, web-based data visualizations satisfy all these criteria and are

the last mile in driving your message home.

They can tell a powerful story when you couple the right content with factual, irrefutable data that is visualized in a compelling way.

commonwealth fund - improvements in state healthcare interactive

For over 16 years, Velir has worked directly with advocacy organizations, associations, and foundations to support their comprehensive digital communications strategies. Our work has shown us that utilizing data and data visualizations is one of the most effective techniques for communicating complex topics in broadly understood terms.

So if you’re an organization that is in the middle of this debate, and you’re wondering how you can better communicate your message, then we’d love to help you reach your target audiences more effectively through the use of data.


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