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Built on the Java framework, the Adobe Experience Manager platform features an incredibly intuitive user interface and native integration with Adobe's product family. The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) provides the tools needed to create a consistent user experience at every touchpoint across channels and devices. We are a recognized Adobe AEM implementation partner for large-scale content websites.

Our customized Adobe deployments take advantage of the robust content management capabilities of the Adobe Experience Manager to provide a rich, easy-to-use authoring environment while expanding on its core functionality through the use of custom-built modules to meet the unique needs of any organization.

adobe experience manager (aem)

Adobe AEM Services

Adobe's AEM platform allows marketers to engage with powerful and intuitive tools to drive results. We provide all of the services needed to maximize your investment in the platform, including:

First-time Adobe Implementations

Your first Adobe implementation is the most important. It lays the foundation for all of your future web operations. You need a trusted partner that has experience implementing your custom solution with the future in mind. We have performed numerous enterprise-level Adobe implementations, and we’ve helped deliver and manage experiences that a responsive, relevant and consistent.

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe AEM is far beyond a CMS, it’s a digital marketers best friend. With AEM, organizations can realize the power of marketing engagement automation. Our teams have implemented high-value Adobe solutions for clients who require more sophistication out of their digital marketing presence. AEM enables management of all of your digital marketing campaigns from one place.

Adobe Content Migrations

These days, most organizations have existing content and related digital assets that are either residing in an old CMS, or scattered about disparate systems at your company. We have the skills and the staff needed to safely migrate all your web essentials over to Adobe. We have a library of custom scripts, tools, and a proven methodology to tackle any migration.

Adobe AEM System Integrations

Enterprise web solutions need more than just a CMS to operate. Most websites rely on various other systems or databases to create a seamless experience for the end-users. Our Adobe solutions are designed with extensibility and flexibility in mind. Whether we need to tie into your CRM, E-commerce, Billing, or another mission-critical system, we’ve probably done it before. We’ve performed some of the largest and most complex Adobe integrations — many of which involved dozens of sub-systems.

Adobe AEM Training Services

While Adobe AEM is an extremely user-friendly CMS, there are concepts that are specific to the CMS that administrators should be familiar with, and conventions that editors and other users should be aware of. Velir's Adobe AEM resources host ongoing training sessions throughout projects to ensure that your staff is informed and trained on the solution.