Stable, Secure, and Scalable Cloud Hosting

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud based platform that allows us to quickly deploy and manage your website infrastructure and applications. As a leading Sitecore partner, we configure and deploy Sitecore hosting solutions that provide uninterrupted access to your website and Sitecore environments. Our hosting architects and support team monitor your site and applications 24/7.

azure managed cloud hosting services
Performance Monitoring with New Relic

New Relic monitors every move your application makes across the entire stack and shows us what's happening with the code in real-time. This tool allows our developers and engineers to hone in on problems quickly with transaction tracing, performance analytics, application topology mapping, and deployment history markers and comparisons. We monitor the speed of web transactions and specific SQL queries, page request profiles, CPU and memory usage, aggregated error reports, and pre/post-deployment performance impacts.

Application Monitoring with LogicMonitor

LogicMonitor cloud-based monitoring for web applications provides our hosting team with complete visibility into all of your mission-critical systems - from anywhere. LogicMonitor's cloud-based system improves uptime and helps avoid problems with poor site performance or outages. We monitor these dashboards around the clock to keep an eye on all IT systems that are related to your websites.

Logs Monitoring and Analysis with Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic cloud-based logs monitoring and analysis tool provides our Production Support team with real-time access to application and system logs from anywhere. Sumo Logic helps to detect customer-impacting issues faster with outlier detection and reduces downtime by easily correlating performance issues with errors and failures. We constantly monitor custom alerts and reports to ensure that new errors are detected in a timely manner.

Transactional Email with Sendgrid

SendGrid helps us drive engagement with your subscribers by optimizing your email deliverability with its cloud-based email delivery platform. The SendGrid platform includes all of the following and more to help ensure your email gets delivered: Shared or dedicated IP addresses, email authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), ISP feedback loops, outbound spam reporting, and IP reputation scoring.

Maintenance and Data Backups

Our hosting teams provide best-in-class maintenance services for your site's infrastructure to complement and support your ongoing web and CMS operations. We have a fully staffed team of Systems Engineers and Technicians dedicated to your website operations and server infrastructure.

Maintenance and Repairs

Azure Virtual Machines will undergo routine patch maintenance. During maintenance windows, servers may need to be rebooted and services may be impacted. Critical or unforeseen maintenance may be required to address the security, performance, or safety of a client solution. Velir staff is available round the clock to ensure issue resolution and keep clients up to date on the performance of their solution.

Data Backup and Retention

Data Backups are performed using Windows Azure Recovery Services. Daily backups cover incremental changes, while full backups occur weekly and consist of all site and SQL database content. Backup administration and on-demand restoration of content are provided, as needed.