Harness Data to Achieve Real Impact

For over 16 years we have partnered with research organizations, philanthropies, educational institutions, government agencies, and corporate entities to help them bring together compelling data with engaging stories, in order to inform and inspire. We further assist these organizations with moving the needle on issues they care about by getting these data in front of those who can ensure that the involved solutions are grounded in facts and current realities.

Helping organizations achieve last mile impact is the aim of Velir’s data storytelling practice.

Over the past decade, tools and platforms have blossomed that equip organizations with the means to find, analyze, and visualize data. However, access to these tools doesn’t automatically mean that data are being used effectively in spurring the desired action. We work to help organizations communicate data findings to broader audiences in innovative, practical, and actionable ways, in order to educate, persuade, and empower.

Velir's Data Services & Principles

Plain and simple, our work is data storytelling.


Our data storytelling offering can help your organization achieve its goals through the following range of services:

  • Communication Strategy: Partnering with organizations to develop data communication strategies that can ensure outcomes are reached - in part by helping clients find the story that exists within the data.
  • Content Development & Distribution: Teaching organizations how to effectively tell stories with data and to disseminate findings in ways that lead to impact.
  • Open Data Implementation: Helping government and others develop and implement an effective, impactful plan to make their data not only publicly available but used by community members.
  • Community Engagement & Organization: Helping coalitions, collaboratives, and others who are organizing around data to coordinate their work and leverage each other’s skills.
  • Operational Advancement: Advising institutions on how to leverage off-the-shelf tools and integrate them into their work; improve internal work-flows; and building internal capacity to aid with harnessing data in efficient and effective ways.
  • Data Visualization: Out-of-the-box tools won’t always be able to address the sometimes-complex needs for visualizing and communicating data effectively. We can partner with organizations to create sophisticated, custom-built, and engaging data visualizations and websites.

commonwealth fund quality spending interactive 2016

  • We take a design thinking approach to our work, recognizing how vital it is to walk in the shoes of end-users and understand how they process and use data in their lives and work. 
  • To achieve long-term impact in this realm, we emphasize teaching our clients to fish, so that they can build up the required capacity and skills to realize their future goals.
  • We believe that simply visualizing data is not the end goal. It’s one step along the way in a process that can lead to change - from finding and organizing datasets, to analyzing the information for meaning, to visualizing findings, and finally, to communicating and encouraging use and adoption. We support organizations’ work across this entire continuum.
  • To ensure broad impact, we look for opportunities to scale our offerings – e.g. via webinars, blogs about what works in the data communication space, assembling advisory groups and issuing related white papers of recommendations, running consortiums that bring together like-minded institutions, and other opportunities to establish valuable thought leadership in this field.
  • In this information age, we recognize that our clients can’t  achieve their goals in isolation. We emphasize the need to partner with information ambassadors in their data ecosystem (e.g. government agencies, service providers, advocacy organizations, employers, faith-based organizations, etc.) who can help promote and support the underlying message.
  • We believe that in order for data to truly engage and persuade, facts have to be made granular - e.g. broken down by age, gender, income, or community (census tract, county, city, etc.). We help our clients present data in more granular ways, so that the story gets to the heart of the matter and makes the data relevant to audiences.

prb world population data sheet 2014 devices screenshots

davis - Velir's Proprietary Data Management Tool

In addition to the services above, our proprietary data visualization platform further empowers organizations in the communication of their data. It provides the backbone for a powerful set of tools that can transform millions of data points into infographics, tables, maps, graphs, and charts. Think of it has a CMS that manages your data instead of content! 

Build Your Own Interactive Visualizations

Spreadsheets offer little design flexibility when creating charts and graphs. PDFs look nice, but are static and provide no opportunity for interaction. With davis there are no limits on how your data can be presented using interactive elements. Allow your users to determine the best method of presentation available from within davis's library of custom built visualizations.

No Technical Expertise Required

davis comes with an intuitive dashboard interface that allows non-technical users to easily update data sets and create new data visualizations on the fly. This easy-to-use interface and the platform's powerful administrative tools allows users to upload, organize, manage, and visualize data on their site, without the need for additional costs, development, or IT intervention. 

Flexible Open-Source Framework

davis (formerly known as "Datacenter") is built on a foundation of open-source technologies like Node.js and others, which make it easier to port, extend, and integrate with. As the data world gets increasingly aligned with an open technology stack, this new tool creates avenues for more connections, greater accessibility and higher adoption in the space.

Standalone or Integrated With Your CMS

Our davis installation includes plug-ins and templates that allow charts, graphs, and maps to be generated as soon as the data is uploaded. With its new open-source framework, davis can work as a standalone platform for data-driven websites, or it can easily be integrated with your existing website and content management system.

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