Transforming Facts Into Impact

It’s become easy nowadays to self-select the information we digest from our fragmented information ecosystem (cable news, blogs, social media). When we no longer consult a common set of facts, we may be more likely to develop rigid beliefs that can disconnect us from each other.

Our view at Velir, is that data can help us form a common script.

This will allow us to develop a collective understanding of social problems and form consensus around solutions.

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Data as a Tool for Communication

These days, a growing number of organizations in the social sector marshal data to educate, inspire, and persuade external constituents.

Sometimes they turn to data to raise broad, public awareness of issues making news. Other times organizations incorporate data into campaigns to advocate for policy change. And often the social sector uses data as a way to raise money for a cause or encourage more funding for public programs.

In these forms, data is a tool for communication and, eventually, for social change, especially when facts can be coupled with stories to appeal to the heart and the mind.

Velir's Data Practice

At Velir, our data practice aims to elevate public discourse, one fact at a time.

We build practical, innovative, and compelling data stories and data query tools that help our clients transform facts into impact.

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Like the Commonwealth Fund, who asks the important question, what would happen if health care in your state improved to match the best state?

Or the communication firm, Purpose, who turned to Velir to create a data story about issues affecting shift workers - that is, the large percentage of the US workforce that have no fixed schedules.

Whether it’s neighborhood-level work to help an advocacy organization map data on children’s issues in New York City.

Or the global work of an international consortium that includes the Gates Foundation, Results for Development, the World Health Organization and the World Bank to raise awareness about the importance of primary health care in developing countries.

Our mission at Velir is to adopt yours and take it further, and with data that means helping you harness facts, so that your audiences take notice - and take action. We’re passionate about data storytelling. After all, we’ve been doing this work for more than 17 years. We would love to learn more about your related goals.

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Our Data Vizualization Products

We take great pride in helping clients find the best technology for visualizing data. Our experience in building data visualizations, over the past 18 years, has taught us that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every use case. That’s why we’ve built up a diverse product portfolio, one that recognizes the array of needs that our clients bring to us for how to visualize data.

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Our View on Achieving Results

  • A Focus on Impact: We are deeply focused on crafting solutions that enable our clients to transform data into the impact they’re striving to achieve. We’ve learned from roughly fifteen years in doing this work that creating beautiful visualizations can’t be the end goal.
  • We Know that Practicality Matters When Communicating Data: We build practical data tools that address audiences’ uses and needs, and we focus on continually analyzing usage, in order to iterate and improve on what we’ve developed.
  • We Are Flexible and Resourceful in Solving Technical Challenges: We use the right hammer for the nail, recognizing the array of technologies to solve your data challenges, from off-the-shelf visualization platforms to lightweight integrations with your back-end operations to stand-alone data research sites and other custom builds.
  • Our Services Don’t End with the Design and Build. Outreach Matters, too: From our years of public interest experience, we know how to help our clients put their data creation on the map via an array of communication strategies, from social media outreach to local-level community organizing and awareness-building. And we understand that our clients can’t achieve their goals in isolation, so we emphasize the need to partner with information ambassadors across a data ecosystem who can help promote and support core messages.
  • We Nurture Clients’ Capacity: We strive to teach our clients to fish on how best to engage and communicate with data. We do that, in part, by providing opportunities for clients to learn from each other and socialize ideas on how best to leverage data to achieve impact.

Our Data Storytelling Portfolio

Featured Projects

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