Data Visualization

We consider data to be one of the most compelling forms of content. In its raw form, data is dull and boring to view. When it's presented in dynamic and creative ways, data becomes impactful, engaging, and memorable. Our data visualization team creates beautiful displays of trends, patterns, and statistics through proven visualization techniques.

Interactive Maps, Charts, and Infographics

For over 16 years we have partnered with research organizations, educational institutions, and government outfits to help them identify ways to visualize complex data sets online in digestible and engaging formats. Velir's Data Visualization practice includes the research, analysis, design, development, and ongoing support of complex data-driven applications and websites, interactives, and one-off infographics. 

Our experience in the space has enabled us to provide marketers and researchers with tools and techniques that they can use to manage their data in real time. This in turn allows them to create storytelling experiences enriched with compelling visualizations and interactives to really drive their message home.

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davis - Velir's Proprietary Data Management Tool

Our proprietary data visualization platform provides the backbone for a powerful set of tools that can transform millions of data points into infographics, tables, maps, graphs, and charts. Think of it has a CMS that manages your data instead of content! We have recently reconfigured and rebranded this platform to incorporate improvements that make it more flexible and extensible.

Flexible Open-Source Framework

The new platform, davis (formerly known as "Datacenter"), is built on a foundation of open-source technologies like Node.js and others, which makes it easier to port, extend, and integrate with. Given that the majority of the data world is familiar with and prefers an open technology stack, this new tool is more accessible and opens up greater possibilities within the space.

No Technical Expertise Required

davis comes with an intuitive dashboard interface that allows non-technical users to easily update data sets and create new data visualizations on the fly. This easy-to-use interface and the platform's powerful administrave tools allows users to upload, organize, manage, and visualize data on their site, without the need for additional costs, or development and IT intervention. We'll take care of the initial set up and then you can make changes as needed.

Build Your Own Interactive Visualizations

Spreadsheets offer little design flexibility when creating charts and graphs. PDFs look nice, but are static and provide no opportunity for interaction. With davis there are no limits on how your data can be presented using interactive elements. Allow your users to determine the best method of presentation available from within davis's library of custom built visualizations.

Standalone or Integrated with your CMS

Our davis installations include plug-ins and templates that allow charts, graphs, and maps to be generated as soon as the data is uploaded. With its new open-source framework, davis can work as a standalone platform for data-driven websites, or it can easily be integrated with your existing website and Content Management System.

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