Maximize your digital investment.

Marketing and IT teams frequently spend vast amounts of energy and time in a major redesign effort without giving much thought to what happens after the project wraps up. Consequently, once their new website and supporting technologies are launched, they struggle with what do to next and find themselves unable to capitalize on the full set of capabilities that their new solution offers.

An engaging and effective digital presence necessitates that continuous tweaks and enhancements (that are refined in an iterative cycle) are made to the solution over time. A concerted effort needs to be made to progress your organization’s capabilities through increasingly advanced levels of digital marketing. Velir’s enablement team of over 15 architects and analysts can guide your organization through this process to ensure that you get the most out of your investments in digital. 

Velir's Digital Enablement Solutions

The Digital Maturity Model

customer experience maturity model

We’re strong believers in the Digital Maturity Model or the Customer Experience Maturity Model as the path to your organization's goal of lifetime customers and brand enthusiasts. We have cultivated audit procedures in place to asses where your organization falls on the curve. We then utilize this information, combined with your business goals and objectives, to create a roadmap that will help progress your organization’s marketing efforts through increasing levels of proficiency and expertise.

Marketing Automation Technologies & Concepts

marketing automation tools

Our team has in-depth experience and certifications with major marketing automation technologies like Sitecore XP and xDB, Acquia Lift, Eloqua, Marketo, and Hubspot. We're also very familiar with marketing automation (through personalization, and A/B and multivariate testing), content strategies for in-context marketing, multi-channel distribution, campaign attribution, and so on. We'll help integrate these tools with your web content management system and then define strategies for applying these concepts progressively. 

Training and Support

training conference room

The technologies that you have in place will only be as strong as your ability to wield them. We offer the needed training and support services to ramp your team up on the skill sets needed to utilize these tools effectively and efficiently. We can also provide consulting around the full list of resources that you'll need to create a thriving digital marketing practice within your organization. 


For more details on the services that we provide and the technologies that we work with, visit our Capabilities and Partners page.