We're a leader in the Acquia/Drupal Community

We have deep ties with Acquia, a software company that supports and builds products for the Drupal platform. Our vast knowledge and experience with Drupal helped us become an Acquia Gold Partner.

A Trusted Partner with a Drupal 9 Grandmaster

Out of the thousands of Drupal developers worldwide, Velir's team includes one of only 11 developers around the world who have achieved Drupal 9 Grandmaster certification status. A Grandmaster is a Drupal developer who has successfully achieved certification in the Acquia Certified Developer, Acquia Certified Back-End Specialist, and Acquia Certified Front-End Specialist exams. Our Drupal 9 Grandmaster was also one of around 160 developers to receive Drupal 7 Grandmaster certification.

Acquia has publicly acknowledged the strength of our partnership by naming us a 2019 Acquia Growth Partner of the Year. Additionally, they recognized our expertise on the Acquia platform by honoring us as a finalist for the 2020 Acquia Engage Awards in the Quickest to Launch category for our work with Lennar Multifamily Communities (LMC).

Why Use Drupal?

Drupal is the largest open-source content management platform built on PHP. This platform that powers over 20% of the world’s websites can be used for everything from running large, enterprise-level sites to spinning up small applications on a one-off basis. Drupal is built for flexibility and endless possibilities. It is a highly attractive platform for both developers and marketers for its ability to expand and customize to meet any organization’s unique business needs.

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Our Drupal Expertise

Below you’ll see a list of the end-to-end services we offer our Drupal clients. In addition to new Drupal implementations, we provide complete support and maintenance packages to keep your Drupal sites running smoothly. Our team is committed to powering your Drupal website and its infrastructure.

Acquia Cloud Implementation

Acquia Cloud is the most flexible cloud-based Digital Experience Platform on the market. Whether you are a mid-sized organization or a global enterprise, Acquia Cloud is built to meet your needs. With Drupal’s enterprise-grade Web Content Management system augmented by Acquia’s digital experience products, modern cloud backbone, global CDN, and integrated DevOps practices you will have everything you need to launch digital experiences that exceed customer expectations. Velir’s talented team has deep experience implementing complex solutions on the Acquia Cloud and is ready to help you plan, execute, and optimize your next customer experience.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Acquia Cloud Site Factory (ACSF) allows you to create, manage, and deploy hundreds or thousands of sites from a single location. Managing hundreds of websites across varying CMS solutions, each with unique implementations, administration, security concerns, and content teams is expensive, risky, and a path to confusing brand experiences. We help your organization solve these complex problems by deploying ACSF’s easy site creation for non-technical users, its centralized management, and its strong security built on top of Acquia’s Enterprise Cloud and the best-in-class Drupal CMS.

Acquia Site Studio

Acquia’s Site Studio Drupal add-on is the best low-code site builder for Drupal, empowering marketers and content managers to quickly build on-brand experiences. With Site Studio, you can use prebuilt or custom drag and drop components, in-context editing, and live previews to accelerate your creation of on-brand websites. Whether you are interested in Site Studio on its own or as part of a Site Factory solution we can help you fast-track your Drupal build.

Acquia Personalization Digital Engagement Platform Implementations

Acquia Personalization is a powerful marketing tool built for Drupal. Lift allows you to manage and execute personalization campaigns, segment audiences, test content, and deliver targeted personalization on your website. Our team can partner with yours to form a comprehensive and actionable personalization strategy that’s right for your organization and your audiences.

Acquia Campaign Studio

Campaign Studio, the world’s only Open Marketing Cloud, enables multi-channel campaign management to help you orchestrate and deliver personalized experiences across all audience touchpoints. Whether you need define your marketing campaigns approach or customize Campaign Studio to meet your needs, our team is here to help.

Drupal Themes

There are more than 1,300 Drupal themes out there and we specialize in two of the best: Neato and Zurb Foundation. These themes grant our design team carte blanche when drawing up sketches, wireframes, and prototypes. They also ensure that your Drupal site is device responsive and accessible. Drupal’s flexible framework allows us to build your theme from the ground up, rather than the top-down, giving you a solution completely tailored to your specific needs.

Drupal Module or System Integrations

Drupal’s ecosystem is comprised of 30,000 contributed modules and continues to grow every day. These modules further extend Drupal’s capabilities, putting powerful tools at your fingertips for content publishing, user account management, subscription sales, Ecommerce applications, data mining, and more. We use Drupal as the connecting hub to combine various modules and other third-party applications, to provide a well-integrated solution that meets all your business requirements.

Drupal Website Examples