How We Help

To optimize your user experience, you need to maximize the tools in your digital toolbox. That’s why we examine your current technologies and determine how to get the most out of what you have. Then we help you gather data on your audiences and create personalized digital experiences that drive them to action.

Our Enablement & Optimization Services

Sitecore Marketing Enablement

We audit your Sitecore set up to find ways you can use it more effectively and to ensure your technical readiness for the future. Then we help you create an in-depth marketing strategy to get the most out of the platform. From there we work to implement and configure Sitecore to meet your business needs.

Audience and Persona Identification

We work with you to understand and define your audiences. Once we identify your audiences, we help you prioritize them based on their business value to your organization. Then we use them to guide our optimization efforts as we finetune your digital experiences for each audience.

Personalization Strategy

We help you segment your messaging and use intelligent content recommendations to create an optimized personalization strategy.

Sitecore Marketing Training

Our training equips you with the skills your team needs to serve your Sitecore marketing technology needs. We ensure your marketers can complete their Sitecore tasks effectively and efficiently all on their own.

Sitecore xDB Integration

Personalizing to audiences based only on the footprint they leave on your website is like viewing a photo – you're only seeing a one-dimensional image. Fortunately, Sitecore xDB was designed to collect data from multiple channels and build a complete picture of your audiences’ behaviors and needs. This is why Sitecore leads the way in 1:1 personalization capabilities.

Sitecore/Salesforce Integration

Sitecore and Salesforce's strategic partnership has created tools and features that allow both platforms to play to their strengths. Easily bring Sitecore content into your Salesforce Marketing Cloud communications and push customer properties stored in Salesforce back into Sitecore for personalization. This bi-directional data flow between both systems ensures that marketers can deliver consistent audience experiences across all channels.

Meet a Velir Business Systems Analyst and learn about what goes into personalization strategy and implementation: