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Designing and building a high value digital presence that attracts the right audiences takes a solid digital strategy, a creative approach, and the seamless integration of several technologies. Even the most well thought out strategy and compelling user experience can fall apart if the implementation phase doesn’t include an equally strong solution architecture, integration of third-party technologies, and a focus on optimizing the experience for the Author or Marketer. Poor execution despite carefully crafted strategies and designs can lead to website performance issues, unplanned downtime, and missed conversions.

Sitecore platinum implementation partner

Since 2000, we have lived at the cross-section of business strategy and the supporting technologies. We have a deep history of engineering expertise and have worked with some of the most influential and inspiring brands to make their digital goals a reality. Our 10+ years of experience with the Sitecore CMS platform have taught us that the success of any web implementation starts with a strong and stable foundation. Our Sitecore CMS audit can be completed in the span of a few weeks and provides your organization with a thorough assessment of the quality of your solution's architecture and implementation, along with recommendations for getting it back on track.

Velir's Sitecore CMS Audit


As one of the leading partners, globally, in the Sitecore universe, Velir has developed an efficient and cost-effective approach for evaluating and resolving technical issues associated with your current Sitecore solution.  This approach has helped numerous organizations objectively assess the nature and extent of issues with their Sitecore implementation, as well as identify the best path forward for remediation. Typically this effort requires only two to four weeks to complete, resulting in both a formal findings report as well as specific, actionable recommendations to achieve a highly functional, stable, and scalable Sitecore installation. 


Our audit process is tailored to the needs of each client. It is exhaustive and covers an assessment of the environment, code, integrations, server configuration, performance, and Sitecore logs.  

The audit results include ratings for each issue based on our understanding of how critical and complex they are. This is intended to help our clients prioritize issues for remediation based on business impact and level of effort to resolve.

audit issue breakdown graph


The technical audit includes a review of server and network architecture for flaws and areas of improvement.  This may include evaluations of server resource sizing (i.e., CPU, Memory, and Disk Space) and an evaluation of all servers in use for authoring, publishing, and any third party applications.  We will also ensure that the site is setup to meet the required service levels of performance, availability, and disaster recovery.  Results cover recommendations around environment architecture, load balancer use and configuration, network infrastructure, disaster recovery considerations, and the use of a content delivery network to offload traffic.

Code Quality

We place a high value on the quality of the Sitecore and ASP.NET code that powers your solution and its adherence to best practice guidelines.  In addition to a manual code review, we also run the code through an automated analysis tool in order to get a quick, high-level understanding of code quality using the following metrics.

  • Complexity
  • Comment Coverage
  • Code Duplication
  • Test Coverage
  • Style Violations
Integration points

Your content management system often serves as the hub for a vast digital solution, supporting integrations to a variety of third-party platforms.  These integrations can become bottlenecks with performance and stability issues if not implemented thoughtfully.  During this portion of the audit, Velir will assess each integration to identify poor architecture, site instability or problems with performance. 


Our typical audit includes an evaluation of both the front-end and back-end to identify sources of performance issues.  On the front-end, we use web diagnostic tools to execute performance audits of key pages and identify any deficiencies.  This helps to evaluate issues associated with time to first byte, use of file compression and minified files, image sizes and image caching, etc.

Back-end production performance data is invaluable when assessing hiccups in the user experience.  We make use of an application monitoring tool, New Relic, to monitor your website for a two-week period.  This monitor highlights the slowest performing pages from a back-end and front-end perspective, and enables us to pinpoint poorly performing individual components on a page based on actual production traffic.

audit performance graph

Sitecore Logs & Configurations

An audit of Sitecore configuration files and logs often reveals valuable information that can directly impact performance and stability.  This typically includes evaluation of the following:

  • Customized Sitecore Behaviors: Sitecore allows developers to override or hook into key Sitecore processes.  These customizations would need to be registered in the main Sitecore configuration file, which gives us a roadmap for evaluation.
  • Sitecore Cache Configuration: Many websites suffer from poorly tuned Sitecore caches.  We will ensure that cache sizes are configured appropriately.
  • Memory Leaks: We can determine if the website is suffering from memory leaks based on Sitecore log activity.
  • Frequently Occurring Errors: We often find that under-maintained and issue-ridden websites throw thousands of unattended errors in a single day.  We typically analyze the last month of logs to identify error patterns and recommendations for remediation.

Supporting Sitecore Experience

We are one of the largest, most experienced, and dependable Sitecore solution partners in North America. We have worked with Sitecore since they entered the US market and have since completed hundreds of Sitecore projects.  Below are a few of our credentials and accolades:


For more information on our Sitecore qualifications, please visit our Sitecore page.