Eliminate the "black box".

We provide oversight, transparency, and controlled test coverage from development through deployment. We follow industry best practices by thoroughly testing every tier of our applications. We encourage the involvement of developers, test engineers, and your business domain experts in our engineering process.

web development services
Front-end Development: HTML, CSS, JS

Our front-end developers convert static designs into browser-compliant code. We employ the latest tools including HTML5/CSS3, Modernizr, and Backbone.js to create modern, scalable, and high-performing front-end assets that work across multiple types of browsers and devices. Our deep experience working with CMS systems has refined our HTML/CSS architecture to ensure that the front-end assets are modular and re-usable.

Design Services

.NET & Sitecore Development

We're engineeers at the core. We have over 40 .NET/Sitecore web developers on staff that have veteran experience designing and building custom applications. We are the leading WCM/CMS agency for engineering uncharted integrations across your suite of systems.

Sitecore Services

Java & Adobe CQ/AEM Development

Through carefully tailored Java solutions, Velir helps drive audience engagement across web properties with an experience optimized for every device type. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to make sure that the right technology decisions are made early, and we perform extensive testing before any code is written, saving clients money and decreasing time-to-market.

Adobe Services

PHP & Drupal Development

We're a recognized Acquia partner and heavy contributors to the core Drupal platform and its library of extending themes and modules. Our team of Drupal strategists, analysts, and developers can help guide your platform strategy, migrate your content, upgrade your existing solution or implement a new one in addition to a variety of other services. This full range of offerings is aimed at creating outcomes and solutions that meet your business objectives and streamline your operations.

Drupal Services

Mobile Development

Mobile development represents a fundamental shift in the way people access content on the web. Mobile devices feature powerful, modern web browsers operating on small screens, demanding innovation in the best ways to deliver content. At Velir we understand how to establish a content strategy that takes mobile development into account from day one. We capitalize on the capabilities of a CMS to devise an approach that extends across multiple platforms, helping our clients fully realize the potential of their chosen web solution.

Strategy Services