How We Help

Our team offers comprehensive services to keep your inbound digital channels performing at their peak. We provide content planning, development, management, optimization, support, technical consulting, and reporting, all delivered by our dedicated team of cross-functional content experts.

Our Content Expertise

Content Strategy

Creating content without a strategy is ineffective because it results in brand stories that are inconsistent and hard to measure. By blending brand inputs, we’ll form a detailed multichannel strategy you can use as a blueprint to create content that’s efficient, effective, and on-brand. Our content strategy services include channel role definition, persona review (audience/location), channel strategy, gap analysis, content review, search performance review, brand tone, voice, and vocabulary review/workshop.

Content Development

The best content strategy in the world won’t move the needle you don’t have anyone to execute it. Velir’s team of copywriters, designers, and content partners will develop high-quality content that embodies your brand voice and spurs audiences to act. Our content development services include page-level content strategy, subject matter expert interviews and research, copy outlines and writing, storyboarding, scriptwriting, content entry, and content migration.

Blog and Social Media Management

Don’t have the staff to manage your blog or social media channels? Add us to your team. We’ll provide your audiences with consistent, timely messages in the proper tone to help accomplish your business goals. Our blog and social media management services include content calendar management, channel management and monitoring, and channel response scriptwriting.