How We Help Clients Tell Stories with Data

We have two decades of experience crafting impactful data solutions for a wide range of clients including associations, nonprofits, foundations, universities, and healthcare organizations. Regardless of their industry, we help clients tell poignant stories through data to sway important decisionmakers. We can help you do the same by teaching you to communicate data in engaging, persuasive, and useful ways so that you can drive audiences to action.

Our Data Storytelling and Visualization Expertise


Data Storytelling Mentorship

We help you become a better data storyteller. We share lessons we’ve learned in leveraging data to achieve impact, summarize trends in data visualization, provide data storytelling mentorship, and coach you on messaging data insights.

Data Enablement 

We advise you on how to fortify your processes and grow your capacity to catalog, manage, and disseminate data in efficient and effective ways to reach the right users at the right time.


Data Research Sites

We build tools that enable your constituents to create their own maps and graphs from a comprehensive library of your data. These users become your information ambassadors, tailoring your data into visualizations they can use in their reports, presentations, blogs, fact sheets, and other tools for social change.


Data Visualizations for Social Media Channels

You need data visualizations on your social media channels that complement the stories you tell on your website. To make social visualizations a part of your content delivery system, we recommend third-party tools that align with your needs, and create custom solutions tailored to your editorial workflow and design requirements.

Custom Data Visualizations

We create polished visualizations of your data that help you tell moving and easy-to-understand stories with it. By crafting custom visuals for your data, we transform simple numbers from a spreadsheet into a compelling data story that prompts action.

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Our Data Storytelling and Visualization Work

Data visualization for Spencer Stuart's Boards Around the World

Spencer Stuart: Boards Around the World

Serving valuable business intelligence to the c-suite.

Yale University Chartbook data visualization for healthcare

Yale University School of Medicine and CMS: Chartbook

Analyzing hospital quality to drive improvement in the healthcare system.

Brandeis University Diversity Data Kids data visualization

Brandeis University Data Diversity Kids

Examining whether children have the resources they need to achieve their true potential and policies to improve their lives.

Workshift: Shift workers by the numbers data visualization

Workshift: Shift Workers by the Numbers

Exposing the far-reaching effects of unfair scheduling for shift workers.