A recognized and certified partner of the Drupal/Acquia community

Drupal is the largest open-source content management platform built on PHP. The platform that powers over 20% of the world’s websites can be used for everything from running some of the largest, enterprise-level sites to spinning up smaller applications on a one-off basis. With its ability to be extended and molded to meet any organization’s business requirements, Drupal is a highly attractive platform for developers and marketers alike.

We have deep ties with Acquia, a software company that supports and builds products for the Drupal platform. Of the over 38,000 strong Drupal developer community, Velir's team includes two of only around 100 developers around the world who have achieved Grand Master Certification status. Additionally, our vast experience and knowledge of the platform have enabled us to be recognized as an official partner within Acquia’s network. This network includes the most talented contributors to the Drupal community who have completed high-profile Drupal projects worldwide.

Acquia Grand Master Certification status

Velir’s Drupal Services

Drupal is built for flexibility and endless possibilities. The list below details the end-to-end services we offer our Drupal clients. In addition to new Drupal implementations, we also provide a complete support and maintenance package to keep your solution running smoothly and oversee ongoing web and CMS operations. Our fully staffed team of solution architects and developers is committed to enabling your Drupal website and environment infrastructure.

First-Time Drupal Implementations

Your initial Drupal implementation will serve as the foundation for all future web operations and enhancements. Count on us to be the trusted partner who will get it right. We have extensive experience architecting and building enterprise-level CMS's — and implementing custom Drupal solutions with the future in mind. All of which makes us perfectly suited for your next redesign on Drupal.

Acquia Lift Digital Engagement Platform Implementations

The new Acquia Lift application enables Drupal to be a full-blown customer engagement platform. Great digital experiences are now seamless and personal, as Acquia Lift empowers marketers to deliver contextualized experiences that increase visitor engagement and conversion. Our Drupal team can implement a high-value Acquia Lift solution to help you achieve greater sophistication with your digital presence.

Drupal Content Migrations

Content migrations are part of almost every large web redesign or platform migration effort. During these projects, organizations typically deal with content living in legacy CMS's or scattered across multiple platforms. Velir has handled numerous content migration efforts involving hundreds of thousands of content items and we have the skills and staff to safely migrate all of your web essentials over to Drupal.

Drupal Module or System Integrations

Drupal’s ecosystem is comprised of 30,000 contributed modules and continues to grow every day. These modules further extend the capabilities of Drupal, putting powerful tools at your fingertips for content publishing, user account management, subscription sales, E-commerce applications, data mining, and more. We use Drupal as the connecting hub to combine various modules and other third-party applications, to provide a well-integrated solution that meets all of your business requirements.

Drupal Themes

There are more than 1,300 Drupal themes out there and we specialize in two of the best: Neato and Zurb Foundation. These themes grant our design team carte blanche when drawing up sketches, wireframes, and prototypes, and also ensure their reflection in Drupal is device responsive and accessible. Drupal’s flexible framework allows us to build your theme from the ground up, rather than the top-down, giving you a solution completely tailored to your specific needs.

Drupal Training Services

Even the most user-friendly and intuitive CMS will have custom features and conventions that administrators, editors and other users must know. Our Drupal certified team will host ongoing training sessions throughout projects to ensure that your staff is well-versed with your new Drupal solution and ready to hit the ground running. We can also provide training to acclimate in-house developer(s) to working with or building on Drupal.

Contributed Drupal Projects

As an open-source software platform, Drupal attracts a large community of developers committed to modifying, patching and enhancing its codebase. With an active and vigilant security team that constantly tests the core and contributed modules to probe for security vulnerabilities, the result is a stable, secure and innovative application. Our Drupal developers have extensive experience building Drupal solutions and are active members of the community. They have made significant contributions to a number of Drupal projects, including: