How We Help

Today, organizations work in smaller, nimbler teams, so content authors must manage digital experiences in a growing number of channels. As a result, your content team can become overwhelmed and waste time on repetitive tasks at the expense of higher-value work. Through strategic assessments and remedies, we help you craft and maintain a content management system that not only saves your content authors valuable time but is also enjoyable for them to use.

Why Invest in Author Experience (AX)?

Content authors are no longer simply content producers plugging data into fields. They're digital marketers with more responsibilities and less time to achieve greater output.

An enhanced Author Experience (AX) not only simplifies or automates tasks but it also allows for flexibility and reuse, enabling greater editorial control and ultimately, reducing your dependency on technical support. By streamlining your AX, your content producers can spend less time on repetitive CMS tasks and more time engaging your audiences. Over the long-term creating a cohesive AX results in less UX erosion over time and an evergreen website.

Our Author Experience Expertise

Author Experience Assessment

We apply user experience principles to content authoring so we can identify ways to make the content creation process as intuitive as possible. Our Author Experience Assessment is divided into three distinct phases: Authoring Process Assessment, Authoring Platform Assessment, and Remediation Strategy.

Author Experience Remediation

After we produce a detailed, custom roadmap for addressing author experience pain points, we execute our prioritized remediation plan. Author Experience remediation tasks often fall into four categories: author efficiency, information architecture, performance, and training.

Author Training

Sometimes content author frustration can be resolved through training. We may identify knowledge gaps we can bridge through Content Author Training, Content Author Documentation, and Sitecore Marketing Capability Training.