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Since its launch in 1998, The Hormone Health Network has strived to become the nation's primary resource on hormone health. The Network offers healthcare providers and patients the tools and information they need to have an in-depth understanding of their conditions and treatment options.

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About the Project

The Hormone Health Network wanted a modern and well-designed platform for its information dissemination needs, as the nation’s #1 endocrine patient knowledge resource. The network desired a more logical architecture for content across its site to improve users’ ability to quickly find content.

Velir engaged in an initial effort with HHN to refresh the design and content architecture on its site Velir redesigned the site using the same instance of the Sitecore platform as its sister site, The new platform provides HHN with a powerful and efficient authoring tool for managing and publishing content. Sitecore also supports entry of translated content in numerous languages – a critical feature to enable HHN to reach its growing Spanish-speaking audience. Coveo was implemented to enhance the search functionality on the site and an integration with YouTube allows video embedding across the site.

The site-wide updates to HHN’s site to provide an up-to-date design, intuitive navigation experience, increased functionality and support for multilingual content have significantly helped the Network focus on delivering its high value information.

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