The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is an international association comprised of food-science professionals devoted to sharing scientific knowledge and creating cutting-edge solutions for the betterment of society. For over 80 years, IFT has been committed to inspiring collaboration, supporting research, enabling diversity, establishing strong networks, and providing members with several resources and services that encourage growth within the scientific and professional communities.  


The Challenge

IFT needed to strategically track its website’s performance over time and to determine the site’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Like many organizations, IFT struggled to define what success meant for its website, and how it could tie its measures of success to its business goals.

IFT’s key challenges were:

  • Configuring strategic website performance tracking
  • Defining website success
  • Translating business goals into KPIs

The Approach

Through our collaboration and iterative process, the KPIs and Measurement Strategy provided clear objectives around content engagement, conversions, and more. We created a comprehensive measurement strategy by collaborating with IFT to distill its business objectives of increasing membership engagement and increasing sales into measurable, digital goals. From there, we assigned KPIs to each goal to measure of success, with “success” meaning that KPIs meet or exceed IFT’s organizational benchmarks. We created KPIs to follow the SMART goal-setting approach so that each goal was a carefully planned, clear, and trackable objective.

The key business objectives that we distilled to create IFT’s measurement strategy were:

  • Increasing membership engagement
  • Increasing membership and product sales

An example of a measurement plan framework

An example of a measurement plan framework.

The Solution

  • 7 key digital goals and 25 measurable KPIs tied to organizational objectives
  • A framework that illuminates opportunities for improvement based on user behavior
  • A continuous feedback loop with users, which leverages behavioral insights to constantly inform tagging needs, learning opportunities, and website improvements

We helped IFT create a plan for strategic tracking by delivering a measurement strategy customized to their digital objectives, including ad tracking, content engagement, and membership signup. The result was a set of easily identifiable measures of success for IFT’s website and a clear translation of their business and digital goals into trackable KPIs. These benchmarks guide IFT's marketing team in creating content, optimizing ads, and effectively promoting membership signup across the site.