About NAHB

An amalgamation of over 800 state and local networks with 140,000 members, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is one of the largest, most expansive trade associations in the country. Founded in 1942, NAHB has a rich history in creating housing opportunities for all, while also providing craftsmen, builders, and innovators with the tools for not only professional advancement but also for the development of thriving communities.

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Similar to most national trade associations, NAHB’s member value is deeply entrenched in the educational and professional resources they provide members, as their site houses thousands of pieces of content, goods, and services. With collections of information lacking thoughtful structure, NAHB’s greatest design and functionality hurdle was findability: the ways in which a user explores or locates the most useful or relevant information. Thus, our goal was to surface this content effectively by enhancing information architecture, navigation, and search to create a more productive and intuitive browsing experience.  

  • Findability: the ways in which NAHB users explore and locate the most useful content
  • Rebuilding NAHB's commerce site from the ground up via Sitecore Commerce



Our overarching approach aimed to surface content effectively by enhancing information architecture, navigation, and search to create a more productive and intuitive browsing experience. Much of the information architecture, navigation, and design work was shaped by beta testing, where we released a subset of the site to a select group of users to encourage more in-depth user testing. In recognizing a complex IA, we looked to centralize the industry news and insights section of the site. Similarly, we simplified the navigation framework in order to establish a more seamless wayfinding experience optimized for both desktop and mobile. This navigation shift also included a feature designed to promote timely, curated content as users browse the site. Additionally, we made authoring enhancements, allowing contributors to quickly and easily assemble pages in Sitecore’s Experience Editor. 

From a search perspective, our strategy included leveraging machine learning via Coveo. More specifically, the site is now built to continuously learn and adapt through usage, collecting user behaviors and search terms to better influence results. This dynamic member-centric experience was also achieved through research and analytics, in which we proposed simplifying the membership dashboard and profiles to emphasize the most valuable content and benefits to users.   

In order to deliver on this need for overarching findability, we knew seamlessly integrating NAHB’s e-commerce site with the larger interface was a priority. Through heavy testing, integration, and implementation work, we successfully constructed an e-commerce site that provides a more holistic experience as well as a new NAHB flagship site that caters more to member use-cases and needs. 


The Results

  • Enhanced search functionality that empowers users to find valuable content
  • A cohesive e-commerce site using Sitecore Commerce
  • An effective beta test that informed key modifications for launch
  • A member-centric flagship site and streamlined membership experience