Making the First Mile™ of Business Smarter

Kofax, a leading, enterprise-level B2B software provider, helps organizations simplify and transform the First Mile of Business. It provides a technology solution that helps its clients improve the experiences their customers have during initial information-intensive interactions, which can usually be tedious and confusing.  Kofax is a publicly-traded company and has clients in a variety of industries including insurance, finance, and healthcare.

Quick Facts

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About The project

Kofax wanted to orient their digital properties to focus on providing relevant information to their large and diverse audience. However, when prospective customers arrived at their site, they were met with vague messaging that lacked personalization, and too many calls-to-action (CTAs), which resulted in a confusing user experience. Landing pages across the site were long, difficult to digest, and needed to be streamlined.

Kofax wanted a solutions-focused approach, moving away from the traditional product-oriented business model to be more customer-centric. Kofax also wanted to optimize their digital marketing campaigns by improving lead conversion at different stages of their marketing funnel. Additionally, having already seen the value that Sitecore provided, they wanted to capitalize on its marketing automation capabilities to improve the operational efficiency of their marketing team and provide a more relevant and engaging experience as visitors moved through different stages of their buying journey.

Goals & Objectives

Kofax’s online audience consists of sophisticated users from a variety of industries, all with different needs. Being constantly on-the-go and time-starved, these visitors expect hyper-specific content, tailored to their needs, and delivered in real-time on the channel of their choice. To meet and surpass the expectations of these audiences, Kofax aimed to adopt an ‘always-on’ digital strategy, anticipating what their customers wanted before they wanted it, and providing it in a convenient and contextual way.

The starting point for doing this was to get a comprehensive understanding of their customers by identifying buyer personas and defining the full buyer’s journey. To solve these different challenges, Kofax engaged Velir to define the strategy for and implement their short and long-term initiatives, which included:

  • Improve the volume and quality of leads
  • Improve lead conversion rates at different stages of the marketing funnel
  • Create a detailed digital strategy roadmap to incrementally improve Kofax’s digital presence over the next few years.
  • Identify the structure of a digital team including skills and roles that would be required to execute these activities
  • Utilize Sitecore for marketing automation
The Solution

Velir started off by conducting workshops and interviews – meeting with stakeholders across various departments, from Digital Marketing to Corporate Communications, to get more information on the challenges Kofax faced and their organizational goals. We combined this information with research on the competitive and industry landscapes to get a comprehensive 360 degree understanding of the maturity of Kofax’s current digital presence and the direction in which they should move forward in the future. This analysis concluded with Velir creating a roadmap that would set the strategy for and guide Kofax’s digital initiatives and enhancements over the years to come.

Velir then defined user journeys across the site, based on Kofax’s audience personas. We started with the different ways users could arrive at the site (e.g. anonymous search as a first visit, paid search, email, etc.), and mapped out the various conversations Kofax could have with them based on their stage (Discovery of Needs, Consideration of Benefits, and Decision to Buy) in the buyer’s journey. This included assigning value to desired user actions and conversions, and creating a customizable home page, as well as 11 solution landing pages. Next, we defined the strategy for and implemented real-time personalization on so that each site visitor would experience a unique journey, with content that was relevant to them and clear CTAs. This tailored combination of content catalyzed conversion rates to the next stage of the buyer’s journey and empowered Kofax to deliver highly contextual and tailored experiences for their different audiences

This also led back to lead nurturing initiatives, where Velir collaborated with Kofax to create email marketing campaigns and retargeted ads with the goal of getting users to re-engage with Kofax’s digital properties. When users did come back to the website, a specific campaign would be triggered in Sitecore, which would display the appropriate components on the homepage with a single call-to-action relevant to the given user.

In addition to enhancing the front-end experience for customers, employing the Sitecore Experience Platform for marketing automation enabled Kofax to increase the operational efficiency of their internal work streams and thereby, greatly improve their time to market. Velir also consulted with Kofax to identify the skillsets and roles needed within their digital team to execute the recommendations for their long-term goals.  

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