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As a leading global B–to–B research, advisory services, and consulting firm, SiriusDecisions empowers the world's leading marketing, product, and sales leaders to make better decisions, execute with precision, and accelerate growth. 

Quick Facts

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About The project

SiriusDecisions wanted to redefine how it connected with its customers online by providing superior digital experiences that could identify their needs and seamlessly meet them. It wanted to do so through streamlined and automated operational processes that reduced the content management burden on internal stakeholders and sales teams.

SiriusDecisions’ legacy solution was facing a host of challenges that limited its ability to provide these exceptional brand experiences to its clients. Among these were a slow and faulty content management system (CMS), a poor search function and experience, the need for manual content updates and communications with customers, and a lack of strong analytics around customer usage and behavior.

Project Goals

SiriusDecisions had a vision for a digital hub where customers could easily login on-the-go and gain access to important content, while its sales reps could track customer behavior and preferences, and automatically provide them with personalized content that suited their needs. The initiative aimed to position SiriusDecisions as a leader in its space through the following key objectives for its redesigned web platform:

  • Improve effectiveness of the sales pipeline and revenue growth
  • Improve time to market, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency by streamlining content authoring and publishing workflows
  • Improve the client experience with the SiriusDecisions product, which is 100% information-based
  • Shift product consumption from <20% online to >90% online
  • Improve visibility to consumption and usage of content
  • Consolidate platforms into a single, enterprise CMS
The Solution

Sitecore was the first and one of the few CMSs to incorporate in-depth marketing automation, intranet portal, web optimization, social media, and campaign management technologies into a cohesive and open platform. This made it a highly attractive consideration when SiriusDecisions was choosing a new tool to power its redesigned digital presence.

SiriusDecisions engaged Velir to conduct the strategy, design, and implementation phases of the web redesign and Sitecore implementation.

The SiriusDecisions’ Sitecore Solution is a sophisticated implementation that houses large scales of various types of content – video, articles and documents, case studies and reports, research papers, charts and graphs, etc. A portion of this content is gated, requiring customers to register and login for access. From a design standpoint, the solution is responsive, and uses a clean, flexible, and component-driven design approach. The platform provides both learning management and content management capabilities and integrates with Salesforce as a CRM to automatically provide content access based on the appropriate entitlements. The site’s search function has been drastically improved with Sitecore 7’s SOLR integration and is now presented through a simple and clean UI with advanced faceting functionality.

From an operational standpoint, the new solution has significantly improved the user experience, efficiency, and quality of output for internal stakeholders and users at SiriusDecisions. On the content side, Sitecore’s robust content authoring workflows have automated many of the processes that were previously a manual undertaking for content editors, shortening the timespan for content updates from over three days to just minutes. The new solution is also a Sales Account Rep’s and Marketer’s dream in terms of the types of customer experiences it allows them to deliver.

On the Marketing side, with tracking analytics from both Sitecore xDB and Google Analytics, SiriusDecisions now has tremendous insight into the types of content that are popular amongst its customers and what specific customers are interested in, which allows them to tailor future offerings. These insights also benefit Sales Account Reps by enabling them to recommend content based on their customer’s browsing behaviors and stated preferences.

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