Making New York a Better Place to Be a Child

The Citizen’s Committee for Children of New York is a non-profit that utilizes public policy research and data analysis to educate and mobilize New Yorkers. Their mission is to identify and promote practical solutions to pressing healthcare issues affecting children.

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"Everyone has been really impressed by the site - it's beautiful and intuitive to use and I think leaps and bounds ahead in terms of online sophistication and elegance."

Courtney Wolf,
Senior Policy Associate for Research, CCCNY
About the Project

CCC’s Keeping Track Online is an online data portal that lets users dive into the issues affecting New York City’s children. While the site previously provided access to vast quantities of data, it wasn’t engaging and the presentation wasn’t easily digestible for the average person.

CCC engaged Velir to redesign the portal and give it a modern look and feel. Velir employed Datacenter, it’s signature data visualization and management platform, to house the site, providing an intuitive administrative back-end to manage the data. Integrations with Google Maps and Highcharts were used for the visualizations.

The redesigned portal provides CCC’s audience with a highly interactive tool for understanding the stories underlying the data. Information is presented at a high level with the ability to dive deeper, which makes the site amenable to both data professionals as well as the general public. The new site is a powerful tool in CCC’s belt to help further its mission of educating and empowering citizen action to resolve child care issues.

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