High Performing Healthcare

Established in 1918, The Commonwealth Fund carries out its mandate to enhance the common good by supporting independent research on healthcare issues and by providing grants to improve practices and policies in the space.

Quick Facts
About the Project

The Commonwealth Fund’s Health Systems Data Center is powered by Velir’s proprietary data management and visualization platform, Datacenter, and provides a powerful interactive tool for viewing and comparing the state of healthcare in the United States. With the addition of the Child health, Long Term health and Local Scorecard datasets in recent years, the tool’s user experience was beginning to unravel and become confusing.

This project was an opportunity to combine the successive additions of the past two years into a unified, beautifully redesigned package. Velir joined forces with Gracombe IT to produce a fresh new interface for the Datacenter, which is now housed separately within its own microsite. The Datacenter backend was reconfigured to organize the various datasets in an intuitive manner and to provide a scalable platform for expansion.

With added functionality for filtering by demographic and searching by zip code the Data Center provides its users with greatly improved capabilities to find and compare data.

Visit the site at datacenter.commonwealthfund.org