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Headquartered in Boston, MA, the Kennedy Library is dedicated to the study of the 35th President of the United States’ life and career to promote a greater understanding of America's political, historical and cultural heritage.

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"Because of this historical initiative, millions of documents, miles of film, and thousands of photographs from President Kennedy’s administration are available to all citizens of the world."

Senator Edward M. Kennedy
About the Project

200,000 pages of text, 1,500 photos, 1,250 files of audio recordings and moving images, 340 phone conversations – Digitizing this vast content archive to create a fitting virtual memorial for President Kennedy that truly conveyed the impact and legacy of his time in office, was the request the JFK Presidential Library approached Velir with.

The site needed to be simple to navigate and have an enhanced search function to get users right to the desired content. Given the large amount of content involved, a well thought out content strategy and information architecture were vital to the project’s success. Velir leveraged the flexibility of the Sitecore CMS to enable streamlined content management, online video support, and digital asset management. The site also features integrations with Documentum and Endecca to host, index, and search through all documents and media.

The project really allows The JFK Presidential Library to make use of the latest advances in content management to connect an increasingly fragmented society and challenge them to solve the problems of our own time.

Visit the site at www.jfklibrary.org