Excellence in Education and Entrepreneurship

As the largest private foundation dedicated to education and entrepreneurship, The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation focuses its efforts on fostering a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens of their communities. They share their views for the future through the celebrated Kauffman Thoughtbook.

About the Project

In 2014, Kauffman decided to transition the Thoughtbook into an engaging web experience instead of their usual print version. A 200 page print version. With this in mind, Velir needed to architect the long-form content into a navigable, interactive, and visually appealing experience for Kauffman’s users.

Most long form pieces on other sites are fundamentally one-page and can become exhausting to scroll through and reference. To improve upon this, Velir provided intuitive intra-page navigation controls that allow the reader to easily maneuver throughout the entire anthology. Each piece of content now has its own sharing functionality based on a distinct anchor URL, yet still within a single page.

A user can read the complete publication in order, as with the physical product, and each individual article appears within topic listings and search results on kauffman.org. Each article becomes a gateway into the broader Thoughtbook experience, enriching the main Kauffman site while also remaining a unified publication. We saw a great opportunity here to move the Kauffman Foundation towards a “digital first” work stream. The result is a more engaging method of communicating their ideas through multimedia, thoughtful micro-interactions and component-driven design.

Visit the site at www.kauffman.org/thoughtbook2015

Quick Facts