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The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is a research-driven non-profit, operating out of Washington, D.C., that works to inform people around the world on pressing global issues. Its mission is to use reliable information to empower world-changing action.

About the Project

The Population Reference Bureau wanted a simple and compelling site design that resonated the powerful impact of its stories. The redesigned site needed to be able to support varying content types – audio, video, images, text, interactives – that would provide PRB with a platform to foster engagement amongst its target audience.

Velir partnered with PRB to create a simple and clean design that brings their hard-hitting facts on global issues to the forefront. The site’s content architecture and navigation was reinvented to be topical-based to provide users with a clear idea of where content lives.

The site is powered by the Sitecore Content Management System as well as Datacenter, Velir’s signature data management and visualization platform. With its responsive design framework the site transitions seamlessly across any number of devices. The new Coveo implementation provides faceted search capabilities for users to quickly filter through content and get to the desired matter.

Visit the main site at and the data site at

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