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The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) is a research-driven non-profit, operating out of Washington, D.C., that works to inform people around the world on pressing global issues. Its mission is to use reliable information to empower world-changing action.

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About the Project

PRB came out with the annual World Population Data Sheet (WPDS) to provide a snapshot of where the world stands on issues relating to population growth, including fertility, mortality, and sustainability, while also noting larger trends and future outcomes. It was originally intended as a print resource and was transitioned to the digital sphere as a PDF publication. Data in PDF form, however, can be hard to digest and in 2014 PRB decided to do things differently to amplify engagement with and impact of the report.

PRB and Velir worked together on the 2014 WPDS to visualize thousands of pieces of data into an interactive collection of data visualizations that highlight key global health and wellness trends. It was primarily targeted at policy makers to aid in more informed decision making and at the general public to increase awareness of these trends. Velir and PRB collaborated at the start of the engagement to define key performance indicators to measure the success of the report. To gain traction on these metrics we structured the design so that the navigation was intuitive and the visuals were compelling and modern.

The resulting report is a vast improvement over previous years. It was designed to be more thoughtful than your average data visualization and to tell a deeper story. By focusing on key health indicators such as infant mortality rate, total fertility rate, life expectancy, etc. the report provides a much more engaging and meaningful narrative than if it were to provide every data point collected by PRB. The report is also one of a kind in allowing users to see trends across these specific indicators over the past 45 years by region and even by country. The interactive quality of the "what-if" scenarios provides users with an accurate picture of the current state of public health and a view into what the future could look like. The report also enables PRB to drive traffic to it's other digital properties, thereby increase awareness of the organization at large.

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