Improving the Health of all Americans

Based in Princeton, NJ, RWJF is a philanthropic organization that works with a diverse group of companies and individuals to synthesize and distribute knowledge, new ideas and timely solutions that enhance the health and healthcare of all Americans.

About the project

Reversing childhood obesity, advancing medical school education, revolutionizing data-driven healthcare - these are ideas that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation helps realize every day. Being able to foster pioneering ideas and enable transformative change requires the support of a web presence that is equally innovative and inspiring.

Velir partnered with RWJF and Threespot to bring to life a web site that is not only modern, visually appealing, and intuitive to use but also resolved key issues of performance, poor search functionality, sunken content, and tedious editorial workflows.

The site is powered by the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM, formerly CQ) Content Management System. This integration empowers RWJF to find new and powerful ways to tell stories with its data. A responsive design framework enables the site to morph gracefully across any number of devices, while the Solr platform provides faceted search capabilities with custom ranking logic to serve up relevant content.

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