Get a Head-Start With Our Sitecore Accelerator

From two decades of experience in web application development, we’ve formed a distinct point of view about how to build a successful Sitecore website. We’ve taken all the insights we’ve acquired and channeled them into our Thread build accelerator, which provides our clients with a foundation to deploy Sitecore websites smarter and faster, so we can focus on creating high-value features that drive results.

What is Thread?

Thread is Velir’s design system and component library that drives efficiency through all phases of definition, development, and testing. It is both process and technology that can be leveraged to accelerate a new Sitecore project, establish a flexible foundation, and boost operational efficiency in authoring. 

By implementing Thread, you gain access to eight page types with a flexible layout design system, over 45 components and features, and 13 author experience enhancements.

Thread's association demo site illustrates ease of use for Thread's page types, components, and features.

Thread's association demo site illustrates ease of use for Thread's out-of-the-box page types, components, and features.

Why Use Thread?

By starting with Thread, there’s no need to recreate the wheel for common Sitecore architecture. You can focus on the features and functionality unique to your organization.

Drive project efficiency.

Reduce time spent on redundant features, specifications, strategic insights, code, and test cases.

Decrease your time to market.

Allow more time and budget for high value features by acquiring baseline functionality without consuming your entire budget.

Benefit from built-in best practices.

Lean on proven solutions for content authoring, accessibility, and data privacy that have worked for organizations like yours.

Reduce IT dependency.

Enable greater editorial control for content authors through a flexible authoring experience.

Thread Features and Functionality

By implementing Thread, you gain access to page types, components, features, and enhancements we've developed based on our own best practices. These features include:


How Thread Has Helped Our Clients

We took advantage of Thread's foundation and core features for the following clients to expedite builds, create a solid foundation for flexible authoring, and deliver feature rich sites within budget.