We Create Connected Digital Experiences
We are technology and marketing experts who are passionate about making your digital presence beautiful and engaging.
Our Specializations
Deliver Relevant Experiences
The Sitecore CEP will let you create your content once and publish it everywhere, with a personalized touch. With over 40 certified developers on our team, we are a recognized leader in the Sitecore community and best-practice trendsetters.
Conquer Every Channel
Adobe CQ/AEM is a powerful, scalable platform that simplifies the process of content creation and publication. Our customized Adobe implementations and seamless integrations meet the unique needs of any organization.
Tell Your Story with Data
Data Visualization
Whether it’s a targeted visual to help tell a story or millions of data points that need organizing, we can bring your data to life. Our data visualization team can transform any data set into immersive interactives including charts, graphs, maps, and infographics.
News & Blog Posts
News | 09.23.15
Velir, a full-service digital agency, today announced that it's work with PRB on the 2014 World Population Data Sheet has been selected... Read more
Blog | 08.28.15
Since our first post on it a few months ago, Neato has been downloaded 2,300 times and reportedly installed on 87 sites. So first off, thank you... Read more
Blog | 08.13.15
Anybody who has played the role of Scrum Master on an agile project can agree that the Team Retrospective is one of the most important meetings to drive the success of a Scrum Team. The feedback gained is essential to the team’s growth and the long-term success of a project. In the world of self-organizing teams, the Team Retrospective... Read more
"The main goal is to reflect, learn and set goals for success in the future. "
- Kyle Cedrone, Velir
News | 08.13.15
For the fourth consecutive year in a row, Velir a full-service digital agency, has been ranked on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the US. With a 3 year growth rate of 102%, seen through the addition of 85 people and the tripling of its revenue. Velir earned the 3286th spot on this year’s list... Read more
Blog | 07.30.15
One of the biggest challenges in web design is confronting the immense and constantly growing universe of device screen sizes (here are 286 common ones). Responsive web design helps... Read more