Measuring Digital Maturity

Measuring Digital: Aligning High-Minded Goals with Website Realities

Digital marketing technology is evolving at a blistering pace. As organizations make significant investments to keep up, it’s more important than ever to measure the progress and impact of your digital programs—and make sure they always tie back to your organization’s goals and performance. What Should Be Measured? Unlike corporations, nonprofits aren’t constantly chasing a Read More...

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10 Tips to Build a Data-Backed Content Strategy

Find out how to build a successful data-supported content strategy by asking the right questions and utilizing Google Analytics essentials. I recently had the pleasure of attending the 2014 IA Summit along with a slew of veterans and excited first-timers – like myself – against the backdrop of a sparkling San Diego marina. The summit featured a Read More...
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Improving User Interfaces with a Collaborative Wireframing Workshop: Bring Your Thinking Caps, Favorite Sketching Tools, and… Candy?!

Part 2 of 2. Is it possible to approach wireframing in a way that helps improve the web agency/client team relationship, and produces more effective wireframes than a lengthy, iterative approach? It is if you are armed with two articles full of tips to guide you through the workshop. Spoiler: there is some fun, retro Read More...
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Akamai Coverage Map

Easily Integrate Akamai into your Adobe CQ/AEM Instance with Velir’s Akamai Connector

Akamai’s Dynamic Site Accelerator is a highly valuable Content Delivery Network (CDN) for reducing the load on your internal setups and ultimately, for diminishing infrastructure costs. This has been a useful tool for many of our clients, enabling them to offload the majority of incoming requests from their production servers during large traffic events. To Read More...
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xDB: Sitecore DMS Moves to MongoDB

I recently had the chance to attend a preview of Sitecore 7.5, code named “Andes”. Here are my thoughts. A Big Deal When Sitecore feels that they have moved the ball significantly, they tend to mark the occasion with a name change or two.  So when batched writes came to the Online Marketing System (OMS), Read More...

Increase Your Data’s Reach by Overcoming These Common Visualization Challenges

It’s common for organizations and companies to post data to their sites in static form — useful facts buried within slides, reports, or infographics. These facts are integral to an organization’s message and analysis but this static approach can decrease a visitor’s ability to utilize the data to its full potential. We’ll discuss four common Read More...
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