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Bridging the Geographical Gap: Working with Distributed Teams

Large and complex technical projects often times see the involvement of distributed teams and this can get challenging even for the most seasoned project manager. It has been my experience that distributed teams can result in team members not gelling well or working together. This then leads to poor deliveries, frustrated clients, detached team members, Read More...

Why Drupal, Why Now?

In a recent blog post, our CTO, Corey Caplette, shared some of the technical reasons for why we decided to launch a Drupal practice. As an agency, we thrive by staying at the forefront of digital marketing and content management technologies and Drupal was the next logical addition to our tool set. Drupal has plenty of benefits but the following 3 factors provide a good Read More...

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Taxonomy 101: How Can Taxonomy Support Your Business Strategy?

Unless you’re a bit of a classification nerd, it’s not easy to get excited about taxonomy. But make no mistake: taxonomy can actually support your company’s business strategy as it relates to your web content. Content managers know that information is a company’s lifeblood. Its circulation to the right parts of the company keeps it Read More...
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Prototyping: Why You Should Start Designing Websites in the Browser

One of the biggest challenges in web design is confronting the immense and constantly growing universe of device screen sizes (here are 286 common ones). Responsive web design helps us create websites that work on all screen sizes, but you still have to think carefully about layout and aesthetic design to ensure that functionality and Read More...
Progressive Redesigning - Keep Your Website Fresh

Don’t Let Your Website Go Stale: Invest in a Progressive Redesign

We’ve all seen them: websites that are about as fresh as last week’s leftovers. While they might still be functional, these sites have deep, underlying issues that are hard to ignore – poorly organized and stale content, older logos or fonts, design trends past their prime, and features that are no longer useful. The fact is, Read More...
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The Art of the Sitecore Upgrade

Last week, we hosted a meetup here at Velir for the New England Sitecore User Group on a new way to upgrade a Sitecore website. In case you weren’t able to make it, this post gives a brief overview of the talk and additional resources going forward. Traditionally, a Sitecore Upgrade comprises of upgrading incrementally through Read More...
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Breaking Down Data Visualization for Marketers

Data visualizations and interactives are increasingly popular amongst marketing circles for their ability to present data in a compelling and digestible form. They take advantage of our strengths in visual processing to aid in comprehension and interpretation of data and when done right, they grab attention, engage and further the impact of the underlying message. However, Read More...

Connecting Online and Offline Behaviors with the Sitecore Experience Platform

As a digital agency, we’ve helped many of our clients overcome their digital marketing challenges with the help of the Sitecore Experience Platform. This is the first in a series of posts that explores real world examples of these solutions. In this post, we uncover how Sitecore can serve as a centralized technology hub to provide seamless customer experiences across all Read More...
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