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In a recent blog post, our CTO, Corey Caplette, shared some of the technical reasons for why we decided to launch a Drupal practice. As an agency, we thrive by staying at the forefront of digital marketing and content management technologies and Drupal was the next logical addition to our tool set. Drupal has plenty of benefits but the following 3 factors provide a good summation of what ultimately made our decision so easy.

1. Open Source is a Strength: The Drupal community has tens of thousands of talented developers constantly creating and improving features for the platform.

2. The Adoption of Proven External Projects: Continuing with the thread of crowd sourced excellence, the adoption of the Symfony 2 framework and an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach greatly improved the Drupal community's ability to focus on unique problems while relying on industry standard languages and solutions.

3. A Strong Future Ahead: Drupal's recent additions and strategic road map demonstrates its ability to grow and remain relevant for years to come. This is our first foray into the open source content management space and we're excited to be a part of the Drupal community. The platform offers a solid technical foundation for the complex content initiatives that we take on and is evolving intelligently to meet future needs. We look forward to working with Drupal and sharing our experience doing so.

To read the full post, visit: Why Drupal, Why Now? An Agency CTO's perspective.


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