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Ten years ago, businesses could get away with primarily focusing on their websites’ user experience since they served as the primary channel of communication for their customers. Today, customers can discover and engage with a business or organization through various channels and platforms including Facebook®, Twitter, Instagram, mobile apps, kiosks or interactive displays, and even conversational devices like a chatbot, text messages, Amazon® Echo, or Google™ Home. They are also able to do so using a variety of devices such as tablets, smartwatches, and smartphones. 

The changing technological landscape makes it crucial to ensure that not only are businesses and organizations creating engaging experiences for their audiences, but also guiding and enhancing these customer experiences to feel personalized, cohesive, and thoughtful. 

While creating a solution that satisfies these business needs might seem daunting, Acquia, a leading provider of enterprise cloud and digital technology, has fortunately created an easy-to-use tool that businesses can use to do just this.

Introducing Acquia Journey

Acquia Journey is a robust customer journey management tool to help marketers design journeys, goals, and the best next experience for their target audiences based on how they interact with a business, and what the business knows about them. The video below shows a demo of how Acquia Journey can be used to create a journey tailored to customers’ needs based on their behavior, choices, and interactions.

The demo features a fictitious company, Freshland Markets, utilizing Acquia Journey. The user journey starts with the customer asking Amazon Alexa for recommendations for a seafood recipe. A recipe for charred octopus is sent to the customer based on a machine learning algorithm. The customer is then sent a push notification for home delivery for the recipe’s ingredients. This real-world example showcases one use-case for Acquia Journey amongst the myriad of possible applications in different industries. 



An example showing fictitious company, Freshland Markets, building the customer journey to engage customers more effectively.

Highlights of the demo include:

  • The use of word vector technology to represent content (such as recipes) as high-dimensional vectors across various axes (in this case healthiness, sweetness, etc.), so similar content can be grouped together (12:03)
  • How to visualize, map out, and build the customer journey (15:35)
  • Machine learning to categorize content (29:05)

One of the biggest benefits of using Acquia Journey as demonstrated above is that it is an accessible tool that marketers can use to create workflows without needing to involve developers or an IT team, allowing marketers greater control and ownership over the entire process from start to end.

Out of the box, Acquia Journey comes with ready-made editable templates for journey workflows, a simple design tool to build out customer paths, and integrations to common platforms. In the event that an integration is missing, it can be added by a developer.

"Acquia Journey will simplify how organizations deliver the "best next experience" for the customer. Providing users with the experience they not only want, but expect, will increase conversion rates, grow brand awareness, and accelerate revenue."

Dries BuYtaert Chief Technology Officer, Acquia

Looking Ahead

Content access and delivery expectations are increasingly going to be omnichannel. As digital technologies continue to evolve, marketers are expected to understand and engage customers where they're at, in order to provide them with experiences that they are anticipating, and add value to their lives. This new era of digital marketing utilizes customer intelligence to create targeted messaging with personalized suggestions, and Acquia Journey makes this process easier and more effective. Acquia Journey was released in October of last year, and with time, it will be possible to witness the full power of this solution in a variety of real-world use cases.  


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