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Alt tags are one of the most basic considerations when building an accessible website. They have been a part of the web since the release of HTML 2.0 back in 1995. Despite a 23-year history, they are often overlooked, poorly implemented, or unhelpful for non-sighted users. Making sure your alt tags aren’t just present, but actually do what they’re supposed to do is crucial to making the internet accessible to all. By following the guidelines below, not only will you increase your website’s accessibility, you will also improve your SEO. The primary non-sighted users of your website are search web crawlers as they are unable to see images either. While almost any alt tag is better than none at all, providing proper alt tags makes your site more usable and more effective for your site’s SEO as well.

Learn more about the 5 common mistakes people make when using alt tags (and what you can do to avoid them) in the full article on Medium.

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