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Picture this: Your marketing software provides actionable guidance on writing innovative, personalized content that will steadily improve conversion rates. Your employees are more engaged and happier, spending less time working on tedious, repetitive tasks such as summarizing articles, tagging content and adding descriptive metadata to images in the CMS. Instead, they are working on creative marketing campaigns and producing fresh, well-received content. Your teams are more productive, translating to company-wide efficiency.

This scenario is an emerging reality thanks to the practical application of AI in digital marketing. There is no shortage of hype describing how AI will fundamentally change our work and lives in the future. When it comes to AI, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction, and in many cases marketing buzz from practical applications. To understand how AI-powered technologies can impact your business, it’s first essential to understand how the technology is being used today to deliver value. Read the full article on Medium's Towards Data Science channel.

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