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Divya Mathew, Director of Marketing sat down with Nathan Tia, Creative Director at Velir to discuss the intersection of data and design. Nate also shared his thoughts on how data can spur innovation and creativity in the design process.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the different types of data are, and how to use each type during the design process to get a more complete picture. (0:49)
  • Instincts versus data: How to know what to rely on when they don’t match up. (2:45)
  • How to choose between designs when the data shows two concepts that are both equally well-received. (3:41)
"There are often misconceptions about what data is. A lot of times we tend to think of data as just numbers, but it can actually be much more informative than that. Quantitative data can tell us how often something happens while qualitative data can tell us why it happens."
Nathan Tia Creative Director, Velir


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