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Prema Srinivasan, Content Strategist at Velir, sat down with Mark Stiles, Principal Sitecore Developer, Sitecore MVP, and director of this series Public Interface, to discuss the application of natural language processing to content marketing. Mark shared his thoughts on the role of natural language processing to understand customer needs, increase online engagement, and drive customer loyalty.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How natural language processing can help you learn what your audience wants to know. (1:42)
  • The top benefits of using natural language processing on websites. (2:17)
  • Which technological advances are converging to make this possible. (2:51)
"I think the most powerful thing we can accomplish with natural language processing is enabling two-way conversations with audiences. If we’re able to ask audiences explicitly, we can get a lot more accurate information."
Mark Stiles Sitecore Practice Lead, Velir


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