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At Velir we don’t just care about technology—we care deeply about the human beings using it, and we work hard to create digital experiences that keep the needs of those humans at the forefront. Our brand “Human Digital” represents this intersection of technology and humanity at our company’s core.

Valuing the humans who use technology, allows us to craft meaningful digital experiences for our clients. Our desire to include human beings in all that we do is fueled by our commitment to constantly seek a deeper understanding of each other. And our work to understand each other better starts with our talent, and our approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a company.

We understand that this is ongoing work and while progress can be tracked, it’s not a one and done initiative. In addition to our focus on attracting and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects our community, we also prioritize internal training focused on interpersonal skills. This is a critical step in our DEI strategy that creates a safe space for everyone to work together and have open conversations about the application of these skills.

Sharon Bueno Washington, DEI Coach and Consultant
Sharon Bueno Washington, DEI Coach and Consultant

These trainings are led by our DEI Coach and Consultant, Sharon Bueno Washington. Sharon has developed a curriculum founded in DEI and focuses on developing practical skills centered on creating deeper more meaningful connections. The topics she teaches include effective use of dialogue skills, navigating difficult conversations, exploring power and privilege, and effective teaming.

We explore how we engage with each other and the importance of understanding our differences through listening and curiosity. It starts with recognizing our unique frame of reference. We’re complex people, with very different life experiences, and we bring those differences into our daily interactions. Through dialogue and listening, we can develop a deeper understanding and connection to each other.

Learn more about our commitment to DEI at Velir.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are extremely important to us. We integrate them in our policies, and we actively engage in company-wide DEI training. All these efforts including topics of our training are detailed on our Careers page.

The goal of our DEI work is to strengthen our capacity to lead inclusively and build a more inviting culture for all members of the Velir team. By examining how we show up, our assumptions, biases, and perspectives we can begin to bridge our differences.

Our employees are the heart of Velir, and because of that we’re committed to fostering a community that embraces our individual differences, experiences, self-expression, and unique capabilities. Through these workshops and ongoing conversations about DEI we can apply this knowledge while encouraging continued learning.

Learn more about our commitment to DEI on our Careers page and find out what it’s like to work at Velir by reading about our agency culture.


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