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If you work in digital communications for a mission-driven organization, the transition from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is probably at the top of your mind. Although it shouldn’t be the only analytics topic you consider in 2023. There are several overarching trends you should be aware of as you plan your data strategy for the year.

The analytics landscape is rapidly evolving as new tools enter the market and consumer privacy demands increase. If your mission-driven organization has a mature data roadmap, you might already be adjusting course to meet those demands. However, if your organization has a less formal data strategy, you may not know where to start. There is broad consensus on the value of becoming data-driven through investments in analytics and reporting, but the shifting regulatory landscape and the technical sophistication needed to become data-driven could have a chilling effect on your adoption of these capabilities.

That’s why Velir’s Data Activation team is following data and analytics trends that are relevant to mission-driven organizations like yours. By helping you understand the following themes, we can ensure that your organization is better prepared to design and implement a future-proof data strategy.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics 4 are converging around a standard data model and conventions for collecting and reporting on user behavior.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Since the rise of cloud data warehouses in 2015, expectations around how a single, enterprise-level cloud data repository can support business intelligence needs have continued to increase.

Modern Data Infrastructure

Cloud-first data vendors and infrastructure are the future. Cloud computing and administrative costs have dropped well below what it takes to provide comparable services in-house. This has triggered an explosion of new cloud-first data vendors.

Data Governance

As organizations have become more data-driven, the human resources and tools necessary to maintain and continually improve data processes have changed.

Download 2023 Analytics Trends for Mission-Driven Organizations

We explore these four themes in-depth and talk about how your mission-driven organization can respond to them in our whitepaper 2023 Analytics Trends for Mission-Driven Organizations. Access it to jumpstart your data efforts for the year ahead.

If you’re interested in learning more about the current trends driving change in the analytics landscape, reach out to us.

Learn more about the data trends impacting mission-driven organizations.

Our 2023 Analytics Trends for Mission-Driven Organizations whitepaper helps you understand four data themes impacting organizations like yours, so you can design and build a future-proof data strategy.

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