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Velir is proud to announce the launch of Suncoast Credit Union’s redesigned website, which uses Sitecore’s XM Cloud to power its enhanced user experience! Suncoast, the largest credit union in Florida, embarked on a journey to revamp their digital presence, and along that journey, they selected Velir as the strategic partner to redesign their site and lay a foundation for their digital growth. Since then, we’ve been honored to collaborate with Suncoast’s incredible team and help them to turn their vision into a reality.

Suncoast Credit Union aimed to establish a scalable digital infrastructure for an accessible, inclusive desktop and mobile experience. They wanted this dynamic experience to position them as an industry leader and attract new customers while they continue to deliver best-in-class service to their current members.

Personalization was also at the center of this endeavor — Suncoast wanted to tailor their digital experience to the unique preferences and needs of each website visitor, whether they’re already a member or just a prospective one.

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Our team of experts can help you craft personalized digital experiences that build trust with your customers by making it easier for them to manage their finances.

Leveraging the power of Sitecore XM Cloud, Velir performed a comprehensive redesign of Suncoast’s website seamlessly integrating their blog, implementing Sitecore Personalize with existing Blueshift events, and merging ten financial calculators into one convenient tool for current and potential members browsing the site. This unified tool aids users in estimating savings, monthly payments, available home equity, and more. This tool is great for Suncoast content authors too, since calculators can be easily customized on a page-by-page basis in Sitecore.

We also designed and built a feature called, the “Express Lane,” situated at the bottom left corner of the site, which gives users easy access to frequently used features so they can accomplish their goals even faster.

In addition to the technical expertise we brought to this redesign of Suncoast’s site, our team provided content strategy, copywriting, and content entry services, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience across Suncoast’s entire digital platform.

A credit card savings calculator on the redesigned Suncoast website.

Through our efforts, Suncoast now stands poised to assert themselves as a leading regional brand. Their redesigned website will serve as the cornerstone of their digital presence and expand their reputation as a trusted resource for financial resources and tools. By delivering a modern, personalized digital experience, Velir has empowered Suncoast to achieve its organizational goals and strengthen its position within the competitive landscape of financial services.

As we look ahead, we’re committed to fostering our strategic partnership with Suncoast Credit Union. Stay tuned for an upcoming case study that will delve deeper into the scope of this project, highlight the goals we achieved, and explore the future opportunities that this redesign unlocks for Suncoast!

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