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We’re excited to announce that Adam Ribaudo, our VP of Data Integration and Activation, has earned the Boxever Advanced Certification. The certification establishes his expertise with this Sitecore customer data platform (CDP) and supports our commitment to thoroughly understanding Sitecore’s capabilities as a digital experience platform.

Boxever was acquired by Sitecore earlier this year and since then, Adam set out to learn everything he could about it through research and training. He published his findings in the blog post How Boxever Works and How it Could Complement Sitecore.

"Velir's data integration practice continues to grow, and Adam's Boxever certification is another demonstration of our excitement for Sitecore's acquisition of Boxever."
Chris Brady Partner Alliance Manager, Velir

The training offered by Boxever is designed for their employees, customers, and partners, like Velir. Its goals are to quantify Boxever skills and knowledge, accelerate time to market and team efficiency, and distinguish individuals with more advanced Boxever skills. Their Advanced Certification includes the courses “Boxever CDP,” “Decisioning,” “Web Experiences,” and “Full Stack Experiences.”

The “Boxever CDP” course details how Boxever can be leveraged in Segments, Decisioning, Experiences, and Identity Resolution. As a course, “Decisioning” introduces concepts of the Decision Model Notation (DMN) to show how create Decision Models for use in Experiences. “Web Experiences” demonstrates how to build Web Experiences from templates to make contextual, personalization in real-time across any web-based app. And “Full Stack Experiences” shows how develop Full Stack Experiences (both Triggered and Interactive) and A/B Tests that run across a full technology stack.

Certificate for Adam Ribaudo for Boxever Advanced Certification

Now that Adam is certified in Boxever, we’re excited to see how he’ll use his knowledge of the platform to help our Sitecore clients looking to leverage it. Using the skills he acquired through this certification, we know he’ll accelerate Boxever deployments and help our clients form "360 views" of their customers, by connecting their marketing technologies and coordinating the flow of their customer behavior and intent data with Boxever. This will break down their data silos and allow them to use data more effectively to drive their decision making.

Velir’s Data Integration and Activation services include CDP Implementation for tools like Sitecore’s Boxever. Learn more about our data offerings, read about our work with Sitecore, or get in touch to discuss your next digital experience project.


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