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At Velir, we care deeply about our clients, partners, and the people who connect with us every day—in digital spaces and in person. Whether we’re working with a client, taking a day off to volunteer in Boston, or celebrating a coworker’s accomplishment, we believe in making authentic, personal connections with others.

For over 20 years, we’ve helped clients foster lasting connections with their audiences by shaping meaningful ideas into memorable digital experiences. We build and support some of the world’s largest audience-focused websites for clients ranging from trade associations to Fortune 50 brands. Our goal is to create effective, beautiful, and functional websites that are also engaging user experiences.

One of these engaging user experiences is Investment Company Institute’s website. After unsuccessful website development from another vendor, Investment Company Institute asked Velir to pick up where the previous vendor left off and fix the problems they left behind. Investment Company Institute also asked Velir to be their long-term partner for ongoing enhancements to their site.

The success of our collaboration on their website inspired Investment Company Institute to write our first review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. 

A screenshot of Investment Company Institute’s five-star review of Velir on Clutch, where Velir received five stars in all categories including Quality, Schedule, Cost, and Willing to Refer. The project is called “Drupal Dev for Trade Association” and it’s a Web Development project from $50,000 to $199,999 from August 2021 - Ongoing. The client’s review says “Velir is very structured and thorough in their approach.” And the review’s feedback summary says “Velir has successfully taken over the site and dealt with its technical issues, meeting expectations. They’ve been communicative, accommodating, and flexible throughout the partnership. Their thorough approach and can-do attitude is impressive.” 

After we did an initial onboarding assessment, we teamed up with Investment Company Institute to correct critical issues with their website. We used Jira as our issue tracking system, which was effective in our initial work, and continues to be an efficient way to monitor progress in our ongoing partnership. We also leveraged a comprehensive change and deployment management process that helped us meet all our goals and deadlines.

“Velir uses Jira as their issue and case tracking system. They supplement this with other tools and reports, which are effective. We have a weekly status report meeting and meet on an ad-hoc basis depending on what's needed.”
George Breeden CIO, Investment Company Institute

In addition to this wonderful review, Top Design Firms, a sister company to Clutch, highlighted Velir, and according to their research, we are one of Boston’s leading digital strategy consultants. Browsers on Top Design Firms can find company directories, survey reports, and blog-style content that focuses on the development, design, and marketing spaces.

We want to thank our client, Investment Company Institute, for their thorough and honest review on Clutch. We appreciate the trust and support you have given us throughout our work together!

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