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A strategic, customized plan to transform your organization

Despite its ubiquity in corporate vocabulary, many organizations still struggle to identify and execute the manageable steps needed to achieve digital transformation. However, we understand that the true definition of transformation is specific to your organization and its current digital maturity. That’s why we consider your organization’s unique needs, as we develop a plan to guide you through digital transformation.
  • Vision Definition & Alignment
    Having a clear vision is as critical to success as great execution. We align your team members, identify the current digital landscape, and recommend opportunities to embrace technology. To do that we conduct a series of activities to understand your organization’s strategic vision. Next, we identify the necessary pivot from where you are, to what your organization needs to become. Based on those conversations we work with you to define a vision that serves as the blueprint for how your organization should evolve over time.
  • Process Assessment
    Legacy analog or manual processes and rituals can slow your organization and hinder its ability to scale in today’s digital ecosystem. To help you scale effectively, we audit your organization’s broader operating environment to identify areas of opportunity and present digital solutions that eliminate unnecessary friction to growth.
  • Martech Ecosystem Evaluation
    A successful transformation hinges on a thorough understanding of your current state. So, we conduct a current state analysis of IT processes, on-hand talent, and your marketing and communications infrastructure to identify and prioritize key areas of focus and development. Then we document each system’s purpose, scalability, current pain points, and market adoption. Finally, we assess the gaps within your existing infrastructure to support current needs and future goals.
  • Martech Investment Recommendations
    Through our ecosystem evaluation we can recommend a marketing and communications technology stack that ladders up to each channel and touchpoint. To support the strategy that has been defined, we document your overall technical design, system responsibilities, and integrations. Then we provide a visual description of all components in the recommended marketing stack and highlight the specific role each tool contributes and the channels it services.
  • Roadmap Creation & Prioritization
    We work with your team to understand constraints and staff bandwidth to align implementation with what is critical. We also identify and discuss potential dependencies and risks to build mitigation strategies for known issues. Next, we help prioritize objectives and activities to make the most of your time, energy, and team. Using these considerations, we build an actionable roadmap that serves as a reference to your internal teams for future marketing initiatives.

Tasked with your organization’s digital transformation, but not sure where to start? Reach out.

We’ll conduct assessments to understand your organization’s digital maturity and use the insights we gather from them to develop a prioritized plan for digital transformation that can serve as a blueprint for future marketing initiatives.

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