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We take rigorous, industry-proven approaches to user experience (UX) assessments and usability testing to ensure your website or digital experience is easy for your audiences to use. We adhere to industry best practices when appropriate and push boundaries where audiences appreciate the unexpected. Identifying this balance requires a thorough understanding of your audiences’ expectations and desires for your digital experience.
  • UX Heuristics Evaluation
    This expert-led UX evaluation leverages a set of industry-standard heuristics to assess your digital experience’s usability. Once we analyze your website or product experience across all heuristics, we share our observations as key opportunities for improvement. These recommendations provide strategic direction for prioritizing enhancements to your digital experience.
  • Navigation & Content Organization Testing
    Understanding how users think about your content’s structure is vital to improving your digital experience. We evaluate navigation and taxonomies separately from design via tree testing and card sorting methods. During these tests, we assess language and/or labeling, organization of content, and navigation. We also design tasks to evaluate discoverability, findability, and usability based on the challenges we’re looking to solve with your website or product. These tests ensure that we make UX design recommendations we know will resonate with your audiences.
  • Design Concept Testing & Validation
    Validating a design should involve much more than applying best practices. We test design and messaging in low and high-fidelity prototypes via first click testing and moderated usability testing. During the tests, we give each participant a critical list of tasks to complete so we can measure how well our proposed design addresses their needs and underlying goals. With our findings, we identify any areas of improvement quickly so we can feel confident when your new or improved digital experience launches that it will deliver on everyone’s expectations.
  • Unstructured or Exploratory User Testing
    At times there may be uncertainty around what your audiences are looking for and how they could find your digital experience more useful. We conduct exploratory interviews with your primary audiences to identify specific needs and expectations they have. Through these interviews we uncover pain points and opportunities with audiences that may not have been discovered or prioritized before. Then moving forward, we can prioritize and address these pain points through our UX design recommendations.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    We want to know what drives, stops, and persuades your audiences before they convert (make a purchase, download content, sign up for email, etc.) to give them the best user experience possible. So, we identify opportunities across your digital experience by exposing current barriers and points of confusion or frustration for audiences. Then we work on your current user flow to make improvements to it that will increase the conversion rate for your website or product.

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We can run user experience assessments and usability tests to uncover your audiences’ expectations and pain points in your digital experience that prevent them from converting. Then we can use the data collected from these tests to create a prioritized set of recommendations for improving your digital experience.

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