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Insightful analysis of your industry landscape and competition

Your organization can learn a lot about its strengths and areas of opportunity by enlisting us to assess your industry landscape and competition. By investigating your industry as well as your competitors and peer organizations’ digital properties, we gather insights into how you can enhance your digital presence to reach your audiences more effectively.
  • User Experience (UX)
    It’s often said that design without intention is simply decoration. We leverage our deep experience to assess your organization’s web and product design across a range of criteria, including task flow patterns, information architecture, mobile/contextual optimization, and other user experience best practices. Then we use the insights from our evaluation to inform our UX recommendations.
  • Content & Messaging
    What audiences are your competitors or peers attempting to reach? How are they meeting the content needs of those audiences? How effective is their message and tone? Understanding how similar organizations reach their target audiences helps us devise ideas you can use to hone your organization’s content and messaging.
  • Channel Strategy
    The modern marketing funnel is strategically distributed across a range of audience touch points. Often, your organization’s website is only one part of it. That’s why we assess the communications strategy of your owned digital properties, including websites and mobile applications, and their interaction with social, email, and paid marketing channels. Based on this assessment, we develop a holistic communications strategy that includes channel-specific tactics designed to maximize your audience engagement.
  • Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization
    Nearly all organizations seek to cultivate an audience of prospects, advocates, or influencers that they can market to directly. Your competitors and peers are no different—they employ lead generation and conversion tactics alongside their marketing in their communication channels. We examine their calls-to-action, lead capture flows, and technologies to assess the sophistication of their strategies and offer recommendations on how you can optimize your conversions.

Leverage insights about your competitors in your decision-making. Start by reaching out.

We can analyze your industry landscape and competition to develop ideas for how you can engage your audiences more effectively.

Our thoughts on landscape & competitive analysis

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