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Established in 1987, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation was established to help ensure a vibrant future for the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 2021, the Foundation rebranded themselves as Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies to reflect the continued expansion of grantmaking, operating, and advocacy activities funded by the Schusterman family. As part of their rebranding effort, the Schusterman Family Philanthropies engaged Velir to lead a full redesign of their website.


A screenshot of’s homepage hero which says, “Pursuing More Just and Inclusive Societies”
A screenshot of’s Who We Are page which shows large text and design elements that express the philanthropy’s new branding.
The redesigned Schusterman Family Philanthropies website expands on their new visual identity while offering in-house content authors more robust publishing capabilities in Drupal.


The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies rebrand impacted all aspects of their communications, including their website. So, during this effort, they partnered with Velir to expand their new visual identity through a complete site redesign. Two main goals of the redesign were to better position their broad portfolio of work in the United States and Israel and to provide in-house content authors with broader publishing capabilities.

Content authors needed flexibility when publishing content across the site while program managers needed the ability to apply program-specific navigation and branding while still making their site sections feel like they’re part of the overarching Schusterman Family Philanthropies brand.

Schusterman Family Philanthropies’ challenges included:

  • Conducting a website redesign in parallel with a rebranding effort
  • Framing the breadth and impact of their portfolio areas
  • Providing greater content authoring flexibility
  • Establishing a flexible design system to support tailored program experiences
A person on a laptop looking at’s ROI Community program page, which has its own branding and site navigation distinct from the main Schusterman brand. now offers flexibility for program managers to apply program-specific navigation and branding while still making their site sections feel like they’re part of the overarching Schusterman Family Philanthropies brand.


Our first step was to establish collaborative partnerships with the client’s other agency partners. After that, we expanded preliminary content and site structure recommendations into a full information architecture that connected philanthropic portfolios with the regions in which the work is conducted. At the same time, we homed in on a suite of components to support established content needs. Once the client’s new brand identity was finalized, we moved into a full website design.

The Schusterman Family Philanthropies’ content management system was upgraded to Drupal 9 for streamlined content publishing while Acquia DAM and Salesforce were integrated with it to make publishing even more efficient.

We provided content publishing training, content planning documentation, and content entry support to ensure a successful site launch and adoption of the new platform.

Our approach included:

  • Optimizing the client’s new visual identity for digital
  • Reorganizing the site’s information architecture for future expansion
  • Leveraging Drupal 9 to provide increased publishing flexibility
  • Integrating Acquia DAM and Salesforce for publishing efficiency
  • Offering content author training and content entry support

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Solution now provides compelling, accessible, and actionable resources for its key audiences. It expands upon the Schusterman Family Philanthropies rebrand and preliminary content strategy to offer reorganized information architecture, a flexible design system, and expanded content authoring capabilities in Drupal that allow authors to craft nuanced digital experiences.


  • A compelling website that offers actionable resources to influence its key audiences
  • A Drupal implementation that enables intuitive content publishing
  • A flexible design system to support tailored program experiences
  • A team with the necessary training to manage and evolve the new website

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