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In Sitecore's Content Manager, performing actions such as a delete against many items can be very cumbersome. You need to right click each of the items and then click on the Delete menu item individually. This approach works fine when you are deleting one or two items but when you need to delete items in bulk you are losing productivity. The Edit Form is a Sitecore Shared Source Module that provides the content editors with the ability to perform multiple tasks at once, such as copy, cut, and delete. The form allows a user to simply click on multiple items, putting each clicked item in a "Selected" state, shown in the screenshot below. Once one or more items have been selected we can then select a command.

The Edit Form is packaged with three commands, Copy, Cut and Delete, which can all be customized within the Content Manager. For example, you are able to change the sort order of the buttons, delete a button, change the click event for a command to a custom javascript method and even add your own custom command to the Edit Form.
The packaged cut, copy and delete commands make use of the Sitecore pipeline, which means that as the Edit Form's commands are being executed, they are following the normal process of the respective command in the right click Context Menu. This ensures that custom functionality such as the shared source module the Move Validator that we created earlier in the year will be utilized.

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