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Where can this Module be found? GitHub (open source) and Sitecore Marketplace

We’re introducing our newest module for Sitecore which is called the Item URL Helper.

The Item URL Helper adds two great features to the Content Manager that will enrich your life as a content editor or developer. The first is the ability to right click an item and have the item's URL copied directly to your clipboard. Wow, now that alone is a huge time saver! This alleviates us from building a URL by the item path and now we can select a URL for different devices as well! The second feature is just as robust. You can now take a URL and paste it into the Search Box above the Content Tree and go directly to the item. No more staring at a URL and drilling down the Content Tree!

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Retrieving a URL

Now retrieving a URL is easy, by right clicking the item in the Content Tree we are presented with the Copy Item URL command. By selecting the command it will analyze the item's presentation details and give you the option to select a URL for any device that is assigned to the items presentation details. For Internet Explorer it will copy the URL directly to your clipboard, for other browsers you have the ability to manually select and copy the text your clipboard. This is due to security issues by these other browsers.




Searching by URL

We are now able to utilize the search box at the top of the Content Tree for searching for an item by its URL. This gives us the ability to quickly and accurately take a url from the website and find it within the Content Manager.




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