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Download the Instructional Guide: Instructional Guide

Contribute to the Suite: GitHub

I am very happy to announce the release of the Sitecore Field Suite module, providing Sitecore users a more streamlined and informational approach to content authoring.  The Field Suite achieves this by revamping 5 field types, introducing an Images field, enabling automatic publishing of referenced items and adding new functionality such as the Edit Form, Go to Item button and the Field Gutter.

I began working on the module in February of 2012, frustrated by the need to switch to raw values in order to find an item being referenced in a Multilist. I wanted more information from the Multilist. I wanted a way to hover over the list items and see tooltips indicating the item's path.

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Since then, this small idea has grown modestly.  The new Field Suite Module not only adds tooltips to view an items path, but creates a new authoring experience with in-line editing of referenced items and visual indicators to let content authors know if their item and its referenced items are published.

I strongly encourage you to read the Instructional Guide which provides descriptions for each piece of functionality that is included in the Field Suite, explains how the configuration file is structured and how to make customizations to the module.

The Field Suite provides the following functionality:

  • Referenced item hover, displaying tooltips that show an item's path
  • Auto-Publishing of referenced items
  • In-line editing of referenced items using the Edit Form modal
  • Direct Navigation to a referenced item using the Go to Item button
  • Green and red circles enabling content authors to see if the referenced item is published or not (from the Published Item Comparer module).
  • 5 revamped fields types (multilist, treelist, treelistEx, droplink and droptree)
  • Introduction of the Images Field type



The Field Suite has been tested against the following versions of Sitecore:

  • 6.4
  • 6.5
  • 6.6

As always, I look forward to your feedback and comments. Feel free to contact me @ [email protected] Enjoy and Thank You! Tim


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