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The Women’s Initiative (WIN) at Velir was started several years ago with the intention of helping women advance in the field of technology. Past presentations and discussion topics have included “Making Women's Voices Heard in the Workplace” and “The Role of Emotional Intelligence on Collaborative Teams”.

This year, WIN sponsored a 3-part series on Mentorship for Women. The first event was a lunch and learn, where the group unpacked the differences between mentorship and sponsorship. Attendees learned about the healthy mix of mentors they should have: people that challenge them, champion them, and become a role model to them. For the 2nd part, Velir hosted a panel on the impact of mentoring. Panelists from companies in a variety of industries talked about the role mentorship played in their careers, and how it impacted their lives. Folks of all genders were invited to learn how to support women in their careers.

The lively panel discussion was followed by several hours of networking over food and drinks. The topic definitely struck a chord, as many people from the community attended and stayed late into the evening, swapping stories and connecting over shared experiences.

"People come about mentorship really informally, most of the time - through a manager or colleague. There are less women in the workplace and less in higher-up positions, so having people from outside of our organization [share their experiences] broadens everyone’s perspective."
Kerry Robert Head of People Operations, Velir

Check out our video compilation from the event:


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