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Divya Mathew, Marketing Director at Velir, sat down with Chris Brady, Partner Alliances Manager at Velir, to discuss how strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors and service providers helps us empower our clients to succeed in their web marketing efforts. Chris shared what we look for in companies that we partner with including finding solutions that have a depth of capabilities and are proven to solve the types of challenges our clients face.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The role of partnerships at Velir and why they are important to the work that we do. (0:40)
  • What benefits Velir’s partnerships bring to our clients. (1:50)
  • Three attributes we look for in a technology partner. (3:07)
"We work with a lot of great partners to bring a variety of supporting technologies to empower our clients to succeed in their digital marketing efforts."
Chris Brady Partner Alliance Manager, Velir


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