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There is something very powerful about a brand that has a strong mission. Take Tesla for example:

“To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.” 

Or everyone’s favorite, Amazon:

“To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” 

I chose to join Velir for many reasons—the strong leadership, the amazing team, the great work it does across industries, and its proven history over the last 22 years. But one of the main reasons I chose to join Velir to lead a new digital marketing program is because I believe in the agency’s mission: 

To help clients foster lasting connections with their audiences by shaping meaningful ideas into memorable digital experiences.

Learn more about our new VP of Digital Marketing’s experience.

We were excited to announce that Jill Grozalsky Roberson, an award-winning digital marketer, and customer experience leader, has joined our team as VP of Digital Marketing.

In today’s world, brands have realized that they’re no longer just competing against the shop down the street or the company that sells similar products. Instead, they’re competing with every other experience a customer has. What this means is that brands are feeling the pressure to do more, and now is the best time to create optimized digital marketing strategies—not just to establish a presence or drive awareness, but to also grow reach. And the only way brands can do this is to accept a marketing universal truth: 

Connectivity and relationships with your audiences are a must. 

This is why Velir chose to expand on its established strategy, design, and data activation teams. It’s also why Velir has recognized that more can be done with tech investment brands are making to deliver customer experiences across their growing number of communication channels. Adding a dedicated digital marketing department to the organization means that we can help brands capture consumer attention, build trust, establish relationships, and help nurture audiences to become fans for life.

We will be nimble. We will test and learn. We will make sure that our clients are reaching, connecting, and serving their audiences in innovative ways. And we will be a strategic partner for all our clients. Velir’s expansion of digital marketing capabilities allows us to build on the company’s history of creating and integrating systems while allowing us to shape our clients’ digital marketing strategies, instead of just executing them. 

This shift isn’t something that I’m managing alone—it’s one that I’m steering with the other dedicated professionals at Velir. It’s something we are building alongside and for our clients. Every brand is a unicorn, so we aren’t trying to put anyone’s needs in a box. Instead, we want to work alongside our clients to clearly define goals and craft strategies, content, plans, campaigns, and key performance indicators that represent each organization’s unique needs, voice, and objectives. 

So, stay tuned to find out what’s next for the digital marketing team at Velir. And if you’re interested in coming along for the ride, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re always happy to listen, brainstorm, geek out, and just connect. If you can dream it, we can work with you to do it so we can deliver on our promise of shaping meaningful ideas into memorable digital experiences.


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